Deer Hunter Widows

Deer Hunter Widows

Deer Hunter Widows

Are you the spouse or significant other of a hunter, whom, during hunting season, is typically left alone, also known as “Deer Hunter Widows”? It’s not easy dealing with a hunting-obsessed man. What do we do when our men leave for days at a time while he is out having fun?
Are you fired up yet? Are you so mad that you ready to hit the shopping outlets at full speed? Why not?!

Hunting season? Try Cheating season!

Do you ever wonder what they are really up to during these Deer hunting trips? 

Hunting season could mean cheating season. When some hunters hit the woods, they are actually hitting on women.

It’s a rite of fall. Hunters heading to the woods to spend time in deer camps and duck blinds. Male bonding at its best. However, a portion of those hunters never make it.

They say they’re going hunting and they’re not. Instead, they go to the beach.  Have a quick romp at a hotel. Better yet, take a relaxing vacation with their Mistress.

Hunters be warned! Its also hunting season for the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency.

We get calls from suspecting Wives everyday.

And while that may defeat the purpose of why some guys like to get away, when you head out to your hunting camp this fall just remember one thing — you the hunter might become the hunted.

Deer Hunter Widows

It’s a two way street. Just as many husbands call us to watch their wives while they are out hunting. Women feel neglected during hunting season. The Deer Hunter Widow’s life usually consists of taking care of kids and housework. These women don’t get a vacation in the woods every weekend. Feeling desperate and lonely, they seek a male companion.

Do something for YOURSELF! You deserve it! Every woman has a choice, let’s make the most of it.

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