Did Your Real Estate Agent Open Your Door to Eavesdropping?

Did Your Real Estate Agent Open Your Door to Eavesdropping?

Did Your Real Estate Agent Open Your Door to Eavesdropping?

If you think spying on someone and hiding covert devices is only for Television think again! There are a number of reasons more common than you think, someone would want to monitor your conversations. Could someone be Eavesdropping?

Did Your Real Estate Agent Open Your Door to Eavesdropping?Are you in the midst of a messy divorce? This is one of the most recurrent instances a person lies victim to being spied on. Information your spouse gets from bugging your house or vehicle can be very beneficial to a pending case against you. Why you ask?



Eavesdropping: What you need to know!

Your spouse can easily gather evidence that otherwise would be left out entirely if they were not listening without your knowledge. This especially holds true in alimony cases.  Proof of adultery or misconduct can make or break a case when deciding alimony. By hiding a covert device in your home, your spouse can pick up any indiscretions that can be used against you later on. This evidence can be used to support a civil lawsuit and  generally are deciding factors in child custody cases.

If you think your spouse can get an advantage in a divorce or custody fight by spying on you don’t run the risk of waiting until it’s too late, you may already be overdue for a bug sweep! There is such a wide availability of home eavesdropping devices readily available on the internet and at spy shops today that home bugging is on the rise.

The notion of being bugged would stress anyone out! A bug sweep is your best option in keeping your private conversations from being accessed. If you suspect your home is bugged, hiring an effective and expert TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) company is vital.

At Eye Spy Investigations  our team of highly skilled and experienced TSCM pros use the most current and best eavesdropping detection equipment. Our residential bug sweeping services include both traditional and cyber TSCM. We will thoroughly sweep your home, car and mobile devices for any bugging mechanisms. Your wifi network can also be inspected for any potential vulnerabilities to bugging.

Don’t let your real estate agent unsuspectingly open your door to eavesdropping today! CALL US 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: (888) 393-7799, or visit us at www.EyeSpyInvestigations.com











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