What is Skip Tracing? Skip tracing is the practice of processing known information about a person in an effort to locate them. In most cases, this is done by way of a personal record database. Furthermore, this comes from the term “skip” (as in “skipping town”). This refers to the person being tracked down by “tracing” the clues left behind by the missing person.


  • A Skiptracer is a professional that specializes in the process of tracking a person down using a wide variety of information.

Furthermore, depending on how a person has gone missing, a skiptracer will use several various methods of tracking down an individual.  All of which rely on acquiring key information about the target. This also depends on the amount of information that is available. Information is crucial to finding missing persons, and skiptracers are the masters of using that knowledge.

  • Communication Means
  • Transaction History
  • Credit Card Applications
  • Employment History
  • Utility Bills

However, while skiptracing is often associated with tracking down missing loved ones who may be in danger, skiptracers are often hired for a variety of other reasons:

  • Debt Collectors
  • Repossession Agents
  • Journalists

Why Hire a Private Investigator for a Skip Tracing case?

A licensed private investigator has legal access to a number of databases. As a result, they possess the knowledge required to search efficiently through these records. Furthermore, finding a person is a niche skill that should not be left to an amateur. When you need results don’t waste precious time, contact a professional.

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