Are You Guilty Of Cushioning?

Are You Guilty Of Cushioning?

Are You Guilty Of Cushioning?

What is Cushioning?

Cushioning is the latest term in the dating scene. It’s used to describe a person who is seriously dating or in a relationship. They still keep at least one other person in the mix. They will text, flirt or even date to lessen the blow if their main relationship does not last. The so called “cushioner” doesn’t actually cross the line in their eyes with the “cushionee”. Simply because they don’t hook up with the other person while they are still in the relationship.

Most people engage in some kind of flirtatious behavior with others while in a relationship. If you and your partner have clear communication, this can actually be very healthy for your relationship. Keeping it the back of your mind that in the hopes that if your current relationship fails this person will be available is an entirely different story. By carrying on an inappropriate flirtatious relationship while still dating someone else you are completely undermining your current relationship.

The intentions of cushioning may subconsciously be a harmless way to prevent yourself from getting hurt. However, constant cushioning in a relationship will prevent you from really giving your current relationship a chance. You may be afraid of experiencing the pain from a breakup. But, this is a very unhealthy remedy for issues you are having in the love department.

Is Cushioning Cheating?

It doesn’t matter how you word it, cushioning is a form of cheating. Whether you look at it as keeping your options open, or lessening the blow of an imminent breakup, nobody should be treated this way. If you have any inclination that your partner may be running this game you deserve the truth. Our skilled private investigators at Eye Spy Investigations have been solving cheating cases like these for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing our state of the art services to you with the utmost of confidentiality and in an expeditious manner. If you need answers please don’t hesitate to call us today at (888) 393-7799. To learn more about our company and what we can do for you please check out our website:






















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