Veterans and the Battle With Addiction

Veterans and the Battle With Addiction

Veterans and the Battle With Addiction

The battle between veterans and addiction is nothing new. Men and women serving in our military have struggled with addiction for many years. The traumatic events of  war may trigger drug and alcohol use that can lead to addiction.


Many veterans that are suffering from addiction are also victims of (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder.  The symptoms of this disorder can be anything from flashbacks, aggression and self destructive behavior such as addiction. Symptoms are triggered by anything that is a reminder of the war or a stressful incident.

Self Medication

Often times a veteran is prescribed a legitimate prescription drug for pain. But, when these drugs run out a person may feel compelled to turn to illegal drugs. Many veterans turn to substance abuse as a way to  continue to numb the pain. This addiction can become overwhelming and embarrassing for a person so they may feel pressure to leave family and loved ones. The temptation of the drugs and the power  the addiction has over an individual can make it too hard to resist. A person will chase that feeling that allows them to escape the pain they are suffering.

Locating Veterans

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