When Gambling Loses It’s Magic



Gambling is taking risk and a chance at winning. There is an unspoken rule when gambling, have fun with it and make more money than you started with. When the fun stops and the magic starts to disappear, this is when gambling becomes a problem. When it begins to negatively interfere with everyday aspects of life this is when people find themselves in a dilemma. Just like any addiction, symptoms can range from mild to severe and gamblers often become very defensive about their behavior.

Identifying a Problem

Victims of gambling are almost always loved ones. The first step is to identify the problem before you try to tackle it. The earlier you can pinpoint the issue, the better chance something can be done about it. Here are a few tell tale signs:

  • Lying about the small stuff
  • Mood changes
  • Borrowing money
  • Financial troubles
  • Loss of job
  • Strained relationships

Gambling Addiction? Take Action

Confronting your loved one about their gambling problem can be very difficult. People often times get very defensive and  pull away so they can further their addiction. You have a right to want to stop their destructive behavior when you know first hand it is wrecking their relationships, career and most likely physical and mental well being.

Hire a Professional

Without evidence in hand, you are more than likely going to get the run around about the truth. Before you confront your loved one you should make sure you can answer a few questions. Is it all kinds of gambling, or one specifically? Do they owe anyone money? How much money have they lost or spent? Who else is at risk because of this addiction?

Before you confront your loved one about their addiction make sure you have the proof you need. Our highly qualified private investigators at Eye Spy Investigations will get you this information. Whether you need to provide proof to protect yourself, or catch them red handed to try and convince them to get help, our private investigators are able to conduct surveillance and provide you with accurate and vital information.

Please call us today to speak to an investigator about your concerns so we can guide you in your case. We work in 100% confidentiality and will discretely and swiftly get you everything you need to help you with your loved one struggling with a gambling addiction.

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