Tinder Disaster

Broken Heart Girl

Tinder Disaster

Tinder can go so wrong sometimes. Sometimes you get catfished, sometimes the person can act completely different behind a screen versus being in person. Or sometimes you just have bad luck and cant find anyone to click with. But what about when we do find somebody that we’re generally interested in?

You know ladies, the ones that make you laugh? The ones that hold the door open for you? Or, actually listen to you when you vent about your horrible day gone wrong? You’ve FINALLY found someone you can click with. But do you really know them? How wrong can meeting someone on tinder go? Well I’m glad you asked, because it can go VERY wrong.

You may have heard this story already. I’d be surprised if you haven’t. I’m going to tell it anyway for those who don’t know. But be ready. Your hair will be standing up on the back of your neck, sending chills down your spin.

Recently there was a story going viral about a girls tinder date going horribly wrong.

The Ugly Side of Tinder

A man picks up this girl from her home to take her out to eat. Not too far into dinner, she starts to feel sick. She tells her date she’s not feeling well and he offers to take her home. So once their in the car she starts to feel a bit better and feels bad so she offers him to come inside for a little bit for some coffee. Again, she becomes sick and tells him she’s going to go to bed.

Once he leaves she goes to bed, but wakes up in the middle of the night. She can hear someone moving around her furniture downstairs. She rushes and locks her bedroom door and calls the police to tell them “someone is in my home you need to get here right away”. The police call her but tell her the door is locked and there’s no way someone got in.

Send Help!

She promises them someone is in her house “I can hear them downstairs right now, I give you permission to break down my door”. They break down the door and she can hear the scuffling of someone being pinned down. The police knock on her bedroom door and tell her it’s safe to come out, they got the guy that was in her house, and he’s no longer there anymore.

She then asks the police if she can go downstairs to see what’s been done to her house. They tell her it’s not a good idea but of course, who wouldn’t be curious? She comes downstairs to find her place covered in plastic, with a hammer and saw laid down. They had found out this man drugged her and that he had given her so much, she should not have even woken up. When he came in for coffee he placed his keys next to hers and picked up both on his way out, giving him the access into her home in the middle of the night.

It Could Happen To Anyone

Now true or not, this could happen to anyone. We look at peoples social medias, as some people call it “stalking” someones profiles, trying to get an idea of how this person might be. Going through pictures, their statuses, finding out who their friends are, but plenty of people are good at hiding who they truly are. So how do we find out the real them?

Background checks. We can run criminal background checks on a person and find out their entire record. It may not be a complete reveal of who someone is, but it’s a start and it’s better than going in blind with someone that may be nothing but trouble. Tinder’s not the only dating site that can go wrong, but it is a start of what kind of trouble you can end up getting yourself into if you’re not careful enough.

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