Lovebombing! What is it, and how can we spot it? Lovebombing is known as, someone showering you with gifts in the beginning to build trust. Not only are they trying … Continue Reading

Common Cheating

Common cheating falls into 3 main catagories Sexploration Booty calls Full-blown romantic connections Sexploration When asked what infidelity looks like, many people envision sexploration, meaning sexual activity with no emotional component … Continue Reading

Bless Your Cheating Heart

Well bless your cheating heart! Part of the reason many people cheat is because they felt unwanted or unloved in their relationship. Then they discover sexual or emotional appreciation in the … Continue Reading

Worldwide Cheaters

Worldwide cheaters exist. People that constantly travel are known to cheat a lot. I’m not accusing anybody, but it is a common thing and something we see a lot. Maybe … Continue Reading