Valentines Day Cheating

Do you suspect your lover is cheating? You are probably right. Often times, if you have reason to suspect infidelity, its usually valid. Does your partner seem either distance or … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! That’s our busiest time of the year. Why? It’s the one holiday that if you miss it, you’ll be in the dog house. Call Eye … Continue Reading

Season for Cheating

A new online study has confirmed that infidelity rates skyrocket during the holiday season. Many dating sites experience an large increase of members who sign up. The recent findings have … Continue Reading

Online Dating Safety

Cation should always be exercised when meeting with a stranger for the first time. Although the internet has provided extraordinary means to connect with new people, it also provides extraordinary … Continue Reading

Burden of Proof

You hear it all the time. The Judge will not listen to you until, you have the “Burden of proof”. What does that mean? It means you need a reputable … Continue Reading

Process Serving

We serve the “hard to serve” people. People come to us, when the others have failed. We always get our “runners”. You can run, but you cannot hide from Eye … Continue Reading

Dead Beat Tenant

Licensed Private Eye- Deadbeat Tenant (Fraser)   Do you need to locate a past tenant to serve them a Judgment? We can get you the results you need within 24hrs. … Continue Reading