Why hire a private investigator

Why hire a private investigator


Hiring A Private Investigator

There are a number of important reasons why people should use a private investigator. Please read the following so you are well informed when making your decision.

The question for many people in this situation is, “is it worth hiring a private investigator?” and for most people the answer is yes. There is a crucial aspect that people often forget about, your suspicions may be wrong. This means if you begin to pry into your partners personal life and start to ask questions or even follow them around, then you are consequently building a huge case for yourself of distrust. Placing the blame on an innocent person is hurtful and will have consequences. You need solid evidence before you start pointing the finger.

Here are several other reasons why you should hire a Michigan private investigator rather than attempt to investigate the matter yourself.

Why Hire Spouse Spy Private Investigators?

We understand that our clients will often speak with a number of private investigators before choosing to go ahead with their investigation, but be careful as not all are experienced and know how to tailor make an investigation to suit your particular needs.

If you are not confident when speaking with another private investigator about their professionalism or strategy to obtain the evidence you need, do not engage their services.

The same can be said when discussing rates and costs to run an investigation.

Be careful about deciding to go with the cheapest private investigator!

There is generally a reason why a private investigator is cheap. It is either because they are using probationary private investigators to do your job, or they have no work and are desperate.

Make your decision on which private investigator to go with based on your consultation and the strategy that they have put to you, not price alone!

The Law

There could possibly be legal ramifications if you attempt to conduct your own investigation on someone. Private Investigators are licensed to investigate people and are aware of the laws surrounding these types of investigations. You could be setting yourself up for a costly exercise should you chose to do it alone. Any evidence that you might collect may not be admissible in court if you were to present it at a later date.

Training & Experience

Private Investigators are specially trained to investigate people. They are skilled at tracing a target, blending in to an environment, making enquiries to civilians in order to gather information while remaining discreet at all times.


There are obvious risks when undertaking private investigation work and you may well put yourself in danger without realizing it. Private Investigators are trained in detecting these situations and relieving them without being compromised, once a job has been compromised and the target is aware it is then extremely difficult to proceed with any further investigation work, this may also alert the target to the fact that they are being investigated.


The equipment used by Michigan Private Investigators are specialized and can be expensive. They are familiar with the equipment and use it on a daily basis. It is not possible to get the evidence needed without the correct equipment.

Why hire a private investigator?

Because we get results!!

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