Why should I hire a Private Investigator?

Why should I hire a Private Investigator?

 Why should I hire a Private Investigator?

  • You hire a Nanny for your children and need to know his/her background.
  • You want to make sure the person you are hiring for a key position in your business has integrity.
  • You were defrauded of your life savings and need to know where the con artist hid their (your) assets.
  • Your divorce is imminent; you need to know if your spouse hid assets in a Swiss bank.
  • You fear someone is defrauding your parents.
  • You want to know if your children are in trouble.
  • You have health problems, and wish to locate your biological birthparents to learn about their medical history.
Some questions you can answer yourself with available resources, such as our website www.eyespyinvestigations.com
You may also use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to access information at federal agencies.

The Private Investigator works for you.

Investigators also have tools that can help you arrive at the truth. Michigan Private Investigators are trained to perform specialized tasks. Just as you would hire a doctor when you have a medical problem, so too should you hire a Professional Private Investigator when you have a need to investigate in sensitive areas.

Investigators have access to many databases that are not open to the public. Investigators are also trained to think certain ways, and are able to perform tasks that seem Houdini-Like to the untrained individual.

Some people and companies hire investigators to find out what “dirt” is out there to be found on themselves, and we can often recommend ways for you to” hide”, or be less visible.

Investigators have great resources and abilities; they keep your secrets and can often pull off seeming miracles.

The Investigator should be sensitive to your needs yet let you know when you are heading down the wrong path.

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