How do I find someone that owes me money?

How do I find someone that owes me money?

How do I find someone that owes me money? Trying to find people, especially people who don’t want to be found, is not easy. Tools exist to make a search easier but it is rare an amateur will successfully find someone. For the best chance of success, hire someone who finds people for a living.

What is Skip tracing?

Among Michigan private investigators, a “skip trace” is the act of finding a missing person. It refers to “tracing” a person who has “skipped” town or is difficult to find. The first thing skip tracing brings to mind is bounty hunting, finding someone who has fled bail. In a broader sense, skip tracing is commonly used to find anyone who has defaulted on a debt. The client could be a business owed the debt or a collection agency, but can also be hired by individuals seeking personal debts.

Skip tracing is used by law enforcement to find suspects or witnesses in criminal actions and by attorneys in civil actions to locate persons of interest to the case. Private consumers hire skip tracers for reasons such as locating a parent defaulting on child support or tracking down the owner of a fly-by-night company.

Not all skip tracing is for criminal or debt purposes. An estate lawyer might use it to find heirs or adoptees might be looking for birth parents.
Let the Pros Handle It

Skip tracing is an art and it takes many years of experience to get it right. Our talented skip tracers at Eye Spy Detective Agency can find just about anyone, often in a matter of hours. Avoid online “find anyone” services. These companies simply sell your email address to 3rd parties and spam your inbox.
For the best skip tracing you need an Eye Spy Detective Agency Private Investigator. Not only do you get over 25 years of experience in locating missing persons, but you get access to information you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Call us today 1-888-393-7799

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