Private Eye

Private Eye

You have entered the home of the World’s best Private Eye’s. Our World Headquarters Eye Spy Detective Agency is located in Michigan, and we have Agents Worldwide to serve you in every State. We have been featured on TV Internationally for our investigative services.

Are you trying to find someone?
Just give us as much info as you have about the person you are trying to find and we will do the rest. We can search through tens of billions of public records from multiple sources. Includes current and up to 40 years of past information. Never waste your money on those “self search” sites. You will only end up with bits and pieces of information and a whole lot of spam from third parties.

Need a Background Check on Someone?
Includes info such as a person’s age, past and current addresses and phone numbers, aliases and maiden names, possible relatives, criminal records and much more.

Phone number look-up
We can look up any number and tell you who it belongs to.

Cheating mate?
Call or email us at 888-393-7799  with all the details. We will solve your case quickly and confidentially.

Feel free to browse our site and check out all the different services we offer!!!!!

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