10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

Eye Spy discusses signs of a cheating husband. Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex, Maria Shriver, and Tiger Woods’s ex, Elin Nordegren, knew about their husbands’ affairs?

These women most likely did notice some of the signs, but the shock or hurt was so deep that they chose denial over screaming evidence. Don’t let your denial work in his favor. Betrayals are a shock to your psyche, and I know it can be difficult to acknowledge something horrible, but don’t justify and make excuses when the neon signs are flashing to get your attention.

Here we share 10 tell-tale signs that your husband is actually up to no good:

1. There is a change in the emotional quality of your relationship. He is withdrawn or pre-occupied. He is less engaging. You physical intimacy has dropped off considerably. Something feels off to you. His attitudes towards you has changed and for the worse. He is less affectionate and disinterested. Your best approach is to notice it and be curious.

2. His appearance has changed. Any sudden change should cause you to stop and take notice, but if he has recently started to take more interest in his appearance, pay extra attention. For example, any uncharacteristic change in his attire should be noted, whether he has recently acquired a more stylish wardrobe or is suddenly more attentive to the stains and wrinkles that he never noticed before. Or is he spending more time on his grooming? Perhaps a new haircut or sudden desire to use cologne every day? If your husband begins to make some serious effort in his looks, perhaps like he did when you first met, you can bet there is something brewing. All of us go through changes, but changes that appear overnight should cause RED flags.

3. He’s being extra secretive. When your husband suddenly insists on more privacy or his attitude becomes elusive, warning bells should be going off in your mind. If all of a sudden he doesn’t want you to know his whereabouts or who he’s talking to on the computer or phone, beware. Is he suddenly careful to bring his phone with him everywhere? Does he really need his phone in the bathroom, or is he afraid that you might see something you shouldn’t? The only time this sort of secrecy is acceptable is immediately prior to your birthday, anniversary, or other upcoming gift-giving holiday.

4. He picks fights. There is a definite change in his moods. If you sense he is intentionally starting arguments or picking fights, or if he gets angry easily or acts defensively, there is high probability that there is something going on!

5. He avoids family or other social events. He has to find time to spend with this other person. How does he do that? He finds excuses to not attend social gatherings and activities. It’s OK to be late or miss an event once in a while, but if it happens frequently, you’re right to be concerned. Also consider the importance of the event he’s missing and how plausible his excuse is. If he’s missing more than the occasional event, or he’s missing important events for sketchy reasons, these are telling signs that he is spending time with another person on the phone, computer, or in person.

6. He doesn’t touch you as much. Most couples bond through touch. Intimacy is expressed through both affection and sex. There is a noticeable difference in his affection or physical touch. He seems distant. If he rejects your advances with weak excuses or maintains physical distance for no discernible reason, take it as a hint that something is amiss.

7. You notice he is taking more showers or you detect a different scent on him. If your husband has suddenly become a twice-a-day shower fanatic where before, one would suffice, it’s likely that he is showering more frequently in order to get rid of another woman’s smell or scent. If you notice an unfamiliar fragrance on him, it could be from another woman’s perfume or possibly a different brand of soap from showering elsewhere; trust your senses.

8. Shy to be shirtless. If he suddenly avoids changing in front of you or walking or begins to insist that the two of you only have sex in the dark, it could be that he’s hiding marks that he doesn’t want you to see, like unexplained bruises, hickeys, or scratches. If he usually walks around in just his shorts but lately has been covering himself up more than necessary, or begins to shower with the bathroom door locked when he never did before, you should wonder what he’s trying to hide. Here are some signs that he might be trying to hide an unexplained bruise.

9. More time spent at work. Has your husband begun to frequently work late or go on more business trips? If his extra time at the office is legitimate, it should be reflected on his paycheck. Longer hours with no increase in pay should be cause for alarm. Business trips are easy enough to verify with his company; perhaps ask if the company allows spouses to accompany employees on business trips. For those late nights at the office, call him at work and see how accessible he is, or drop by unannounced with dinner and dessert. It takes mental, physical, and emotional effort to pull off an affair. He has to free up time he might be spending with you so that he can go spend it with another woman.

10. Your gut tells you something’s up. Your most valuable lie-detector is your own intuition. If your gut is telling you that something isn’t right, don’t disregard it. Many women ignore their own instincts, when usually, our instincts are correct. Facing the truth hurts, but in this case, you are intentionally hurting yourself if you choose to ignore the signs and live in denial. Ladies, you know your husband better than anybody. Change is good. However, dramatic or drastic transformation in his habits, routines, or behaviors in a short period of time should be cause for concern. When things are just not adding up, trust your feelings

Husbands who are committed and loving behave very differently than men with one foot out the door. Sure, they may have some off days, but if you feel that overall, things are great between you two and you guys are having regular sex, there is probably nothing to be concerned about. I still say, your instincts are your best ally. They will clue you in. You don’t have to get your spy glasses on, but you can certainly keep an eye on things. You are a lady who deserves to be loved and respected, who wants the happiness and security of a good marriage. If you are a wife who is concerned that your husband is cheating on you, don’t ignore the signs; call us we can help.


If you are a wife who is concerned that your husband is cheating on you, don’t ignore the signs; call us we can help. For more information and additional resources, please visit us at www.EyeSpinvestigations.com or call us at 888-393-7799


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