10 Signs of a Cheating Wife

10 Signs of a Cheating Wife


Eye Spy discusses signs of a cheating wife. So your wife has suddenly changed and while you can’t quite put a finger on it, you feel like there’s something wrong. You have the suspicion that she’s cheating on you but you still don’t know for sure. Well, here are some of the signs your wife might be cheating:

1. She is spending more time with her girlfriends than she usually has in the past. She comes home and directly heads to the shower. She goes away on business more frequently and her whereabouts are sketchy at best. She is unreachable and does not answer your calls.

2. She is evasive about her schedule. Her plans always seem to change at the last minute. She either leaves for work early or comes home late. It’s not that she forgets to share with you but, rather, leaves you out of the details.

3. She is becoming more independent. She no longer needs you as much as she used to. She has even stopped nagging you. Women who are getting involved with another person tend to break away from their marriage. If she no longer talks to you or no longer shares with you her everyday experiences then, chances are, she has someone else to share her intimate personal things with.

4. She keeps on saying that they are just good friends and proceeds to spend a lot of time with him. She talks about him a lot at home she insists to go out alone with him and you are not invited. She gets dressed up and looks too good for a casual meeting with a male friend.

5. She seems more distracted or withdrawn. Keeping up a secret life is hard because it keeps one’s brain occupied. The same rule applies to women. Women are communicators and like to connect with their partners on regular basis. If she has stopped talking to you, then she is probably talking to someone else.

6. Your wife is usually open and loves sharing things with you, but whenever she gets a phone call, she walks away from the room. She abruptly ends the call or hangs up from the conversation when you walk in. She also spends unusual amount of time online and abruptly closes the browser whenever you arrive. She is protective of her privacy. This may be a warning sign and you may have reasons to be alarmed.

7. Your wife wants more space. She is probably confused about her feelings and wants some time and space for her to sort out her feelings. Or she just may want more freedom and space to spend with the other person.

8. Her behavior suddenly changed and the details do not add up. You ask her about her day and there are always missing details. Her attitude and behavior has changed. She’s suddenly spending more time and money on her appearance. All of a sudden, you find lingerie or jewelry you have not seen before, or she seems to go shopping but you never see the items she has bought. She is often not where you expected her to be. Even if she is confused with the time and details of her activities, and can’t explain her receipts and expenses.

9. You have suspicions. You sense that something is off or something just does not add up. Excuses are just piling up and you catch discrepancies in her stories.

10. She does not have time to spend with you nor desires to be intimate with you. There is a clear lack of interest and there is an unexplained aloofness that wasn’t there before.

Of course, there is nothing better than asking her personally about it if you want to know for sure. But in case you don’t want to offend her, or still haven’t mustered enough courage for a confrontation, watch out for these signs. Women are likely to shift their priorities away from their husbands when they are emotionally-involved with another man. Their behaviors are also likely to change and their stories, incoherent. If you catch her tripping on one lie after another, or suddenly being too secretive, it’s time that you pay more attention. There is a great possibility that she might be cheating on you.

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