After the Affair – Tips to Make It Not Hurt So Bad

After the Affair – Tips to Make It Not Hurt So Bad

After the Affair – Tips to Make It Not Hurt So Bad. In the aftermath of discovery of an affair it is important to recognize that people react differently. There is no right or wrong way to feel or respond to an affair. There are times you will react and respond with calmness, and there are times you will not. These are trying times for you, so act with compassion and kindness toward yourself. Emotionally challenging times require calmness; you need to go easy on yourself. Simply be mindful with the fact that there are a wide range of emotions you are likely to feel.

You might be feeling powerless over the event because you were caught off guard. You did not have an ounce of inclination; therefore, you could not do a single thing to prevent it. Affair happened and came without a warning. The effects are excruciating, especially if the affair was not a one-time fling or a one-night stand. If your partner met the other person repeatedly or actually formed a bond and got into an emotional relationship, then the sting is much deeper.

You are hurting because your mind wants to make sense of such a horrific event. You are hurting because you are ruminating, reliving, regurgitating, and processing why it happened, how it happened, when it happened. You are hurting in part because your ego has also taken a blow because your partner has dishonored you. You may be questioning how you missed those obvious signs. You may feel helpless, angry, and vulnerable about the event.

If I had to describe one tool that helps the most in “affair recovery”, it is the tool of journaling. Keeping a diary or journal helps tremendously because it is a safe place where you can go to express your thoughts, fears, memories, hopes, frustrations, and your hurt and pain.

I strongly recommend the use of a notebook, journal, or diary. It helps you process major emotions one at a time to move you through them. Emotions such as anger, hurt, pain, and forgiveness are quickly processed if you transfer these feelings from your head onto a piece of paper. Using this process gives the confusion and repetitive thoughts an outlet. You feel better after a brain dump. It helps you feel your emotions in a safe setting, giving you a platform to explore them on and then to release them.

It is important to express your feelings openly, honestly, and without fear. This writing is meant for your eyes and ears only. You do not need to worry about grammar, It is healing and therapeutic. Your recovery gets easier with the insights and understanding. A journal also helps you organize your thoughts and a plan of action. This evidence of success is very self-rewarding and motivating to reach the next level in your recovery.

Though it may seem that affair hurt is deep and will go on and on, and it does have an end. I am here to share that it will end. I promise. When bad things happen, it can take a while to get over the pain and feel safe again. But with the right treatment, self-help approach, and getting the support you need can and will speed up your recovery.

Do you ever wish you had a magic wand and it would erase this event out of your life??

And the best news is such a thing does exist!

A magic wand for your heart and mind!

Listen, I know exactly what you are going through. I know how it feels.

These 5 tips are meant to help you process your hurt and pain and to bounce back quickly.

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