Are you meant to be together?

Are you meant to be together?

Are you meant to be together? You recently met someone really special — someone who makes your heart race and your knees weak. On the surface, they seem to have everything you’re looking for. How do you really know if he or she is the one? Take this quiz and find out! Call Eye Spy Investigators today 888-393-7799

Are You Two Meant to be Together?

1. Have you ever thought about leaving your partner?
a. I’ve never even thought about that!
b. Maybe once or twice. He/She has been annoying me lately!
c. Constantly! I’m so annoyed with everything he/she does!

2. Do you both fully trust each other?
a. Sometimes we give each other space, but not that often.
b. Half of the time we do and the other half we don’t.
c. Not at all! We are constantly in each other’s business!
d. We both trust each other a lot.

3. How long do you spend talking to each other every day?
a. We’re constantly talking to each other throughout the day!
b. At least an hour or two every day, if not more.
c. Less than 30 minutes or so.
d. Hardly ever. He/She is always preoccupied with something else!

4. When you go out together with your friends, does he/she talk to you?
a. Never. He/She always ignores and avoids me!
b. Sometimes but we make sure to talk to our friends, too.
c. The entire time.

5. Do you plan on having children together?
a. Absolutely!
b. We’ve talked about it but we’re still undecided.
c. No, we definitely won’t be together that long!

6. If you go to a restaurant and he/she runs into his/her ex, does he/she talk to the ex or to you?
a. He/She always talks to me. He/She is totally over his/her ex!
b. Sometimes.
c. They chat for awhile and totally don’t include me in the conversation.

7. Do you picture you two together forever?
a. I could see that happening.
b. No, not going to happen.
c. All the time!

8. Do you two always kiss and hug?
a. Not really, it’s been getting less and less frequent.
b. All the time! It’s a daily habit.
c. Usually.

9. Do you two argue a lot?
a. No, hardly ever.
b. Sometimes.
c. We argue all the time!!

10. Do you have common interests?
a. A few common interests.
b. We have all of the same interests!
c. Seriously, we have nothing in common.

11. Do you do all the planning for activities in your relationship?
a. Yes, he/she NEVER makes plans!
b. No, he/she takes care of all that.
c. We both make plans.

12. How often does he/she tell you that he/she loves you?
a. Never.
b. Sometimes, here and there.)
c. All the time!

Now, add up your score, based on the points for each answer:
1. a=2, b=1, c=0
2. a=1, b=1, c=0, d=2
3. a=3, b=2, c=1, d=0
4. a=0, b=2, c=1
5. a=2, b=1, c=0
6. a=2, b=1, c=0
7. a=1, b=0, c=2
8. a=0, b=2, c=1
9. a=0, b=1, c=0
10. a=1, b=2, c=0
11. a=0, b=2, c=2
12. a=0, b=1, c=2

Point System for Results:

A. Meant to be Together!! (A= 16-25 points)

You two are definitely meant to be together. You both are clearly in love with each other and have a wonderful relationship. If you two aren’t married already, there are definitely wedding bells in the future!

B. Meant to be together, for now… (B= 8-15 points)

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new relationship and things are still uncertain. It seems that you two do a good job of keeping the balance in the relationship but are still undecided whether he or she is “The One.” You guys have a good relationship so perhaps it’s time to take the next step and become more serious!

C. Not meant to be together… (C= 0-7 points)

It doesn’t seem like you two like each other so why are you in a relationship with him or her? This relationship probably will not last for much longer. He or she is not “The One” so start looking for someone else!

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