Bug Sweeps – Do You Need One?

Bug Sweeps – Do You Need One?


Over the past several years the number of cases where people are being spied on has risen dramatically, making bug sweeps more necessary. Advances in miniature transmitter technology have made it easy and inexpensive for just about anyone to eavesdrop on you. New technology allows individuals to place full motion video spy cameras and audio transmitters almost anywhere. How can you protect yourself?

There are lots of places that sell inexpensive, do-it-yourself bug detectors to perform your own bug sweeps. But can they be trusted? The wide range and sophistication of eavesdropping devices today can make your head spin. Inexpensive bug sweeping equipment may not show the presence of eavesdropping devices. Does that mean that the bugs are not there? Or does it mean that the cheap bug sweeper was not sensitive enough to detect the bugs that were present.

If you have encountered strange noises, clicks, or beeps on your telephone, or experienced unusual interference on your radio, TV or computer, it’s possible that you may be seeing evidence of a hidden audio or video transmitting device. Someone could be spying on you without you knowing about it.

Who Might Want To Spy On You?

There are lots of people who might want to spy on you to collect information about your personal life, or business dealings. Information thieves would love to get your information so they can sell it for some quick cash. In today’s world your chances of being bugged rise dramatically if you are in business, politics, or are in an influential position in your community. High-profile individuals in all walks of life are especially vulnerable to information theft due to the high value of the information that can be acquired through eavesdropping.

Even if you’re not a high-profile celebrity you may still be at risk if you are going through a divorce, separation, marital difficulties, family quarrels or if you are involved in a lawsuit. During a court battle people can become desperate, risking everything to find out what you know, where you go, or to try to catch you in a compromising position that will help their chances of winning the case. Detailed plans of how you will pursue your case can be invaluable to the other side, and provides a great incentive to try to eavesdrop on you in your home, office or car.

Why Are Regular Bug Sweeps Important?

If you are at a higher risk of being bugged you should have regular bug sweeps performed in your home, office and car to give you the peace of mind that your privacy is secure. Professional bug sweeps should be performed immediately if you suspect that someone is listening or watching you. Early warning signs may be obvious such as interference with tvs, radios or computers. Or perhaps you regularly see mysterious vehicles outside your home or business. There may also be more subtle warning signs such as discovering that an individual knows something about you that they shouldn’t, or having employees acting strangely all of the sudden.

You need to evaluate your risk of being bugged in order to determine how often bug sweeps should be performed. How much is it worth to someone to gather information you may have? Are you vulnerable to blackmail? Do you have access to personal, medical, or financial information on other people that information thieves might want to steal?

If you have access to high value information it is important to have regular bug sweeps performed. Bug sweeps in your home are especially important because most of us feel more at ease, and might let out guard down. Information thieves know this and target homes as a great way to gather information to sell. GPS trackers in your car can also provide thieves with a wealth of information on your movements and activities.

Are Professional Bug Sweeps Worth It?

Absolutely. You can spend a few hundred dollars on several types of inexpensive bug detectors from spy shops, or internet websites, but even if they don’t find anything, you cannot be 100% sure that you have not been bugged. Let’s face it, you are not a counter surveillance expert so you don’t really know what you are looking for, or where it might be hidden. There are many devices that are totally undetectable until they are activated by sound, movement or by an outside source.

Professional bug sweeps are the only way to be sure that your privacy is secure. Counter Surveillance Experts know what to look for, and where it’s likely to be hidden. They can find eavesdropping devices in places you would never even think of.

The extra costs of professional bug sweeps are definitely worth the peace of mind you’ll receive.

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