Dealing with an affair?

Dealing with an affair?

Eye Spy discusses dealing with an affair. Have been dealing with what you think is an emotional affair between your husband/Wife? They will lie and tell you they are/were (still are, not as much contact????) Does he say they are friends and suggest you should all get together and hang out. Under no circumstances could you even possibly become friends.

Sometimes your significant other and his fling are both in denial, are depressed, and possibly have many other issues going on……

Did you witness extreme flirting between her and your husband at our house. Your husband will deny all of this along with you catching him about an inch from her face. Does he tell you that you should be more like her? Does she tell him/you that her husband was lazy and didn’t do anything at home? Will you find out that there are 7,000 texts between the two of them during just one month’s time? Does he lie to you about who he was texting, and who he was on the phone with? Will he say that he didn’t tell you because he knew you would get mad? You should mad! When you look at the phone bill, will you see her number many times? Times when he said he was too busy to talk to you because of work? If you ask what her husband/boyfriend thought about it, will they tell you that her husband didn’t care, that way he didn’t have to talk to her that much? Her husband probably doesn’t know what to do with her. These types of women are usually bulimic and depressed. Will he make any excuse to talk to her or run into her? If you asked him to stop, he will say they were just friends and he tell her to stop texting him……it won’t happen! If you were to contact her about her inappropriate behavior, you will not get a response from her, but you will get chewed out by your husband.

Your husband will say that they are just friends. He will loan her money, pay for her carpets to be cleaned, buy her food and groceries, babysit her 3 kids, help her in her time of need, meet up with her for runs/walks, just happens to meet up with her accidentally all the time, He will defend her all the time. You will find there is purchases on one of our cards that you have yet to see the merchandise. He will find an excuse to text her on every date and outing you have. He will scold you for cancelling plans when the three of you are supposed to go out. If you were supposed to go on a date, he will get mad at you for scheduling a date night, even though you had asked if he wanted to prior to scheduling. You will find out he promised to see her, so guess where you’ll go on your date…wherever she is at! You can either go with him or he will go alone. You can’t believe a word he says. You will get into so much debt since he met her. atm withdraws 500-1000 every month with nothing to show for it. When she would call, I could hear her say ” I really need a new computer, or my phone is broken, or we can’t make our car payment they are going to repo it, or they are going to cut our phone service.”

Most people will lie until the world implodes on itself.  This is a reverse friendship and you shouldn’t have to deal with the emotional abuse.
If your significant other is engaging in any of the above…call Eye Spy now!!!! 888-393-7799

Dealing with an affair

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