How To Tell If There Is Infidelity In Your Relationship

How To Tell If There Is Infidelity In Your Relationship

Eye Spy discusses how to tell if there is infidelity in your relationship. “Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you.” So goes the classic 1950s country song by Hank Williams. If you look carefully, you may see the signs of a cheating spouse. Whether a cheating husband or a cheating wife, the following signs may indicate a cheating heart telling on the cheating spouse.

Sudden Preoccupation with Appearance

One common sign to look for is when your spouse suddenly begins to pay more attention to his or her appearance than is usual. The cheating husband or cheating wife may start buying new clothes that reflect very different tastes in fashions than before. For example, the cheating husband begins dressing in “younger looking” clothes. Or the cheating wife, who usually wears only sweats and T-shirts, begins wearing dresses and skirts. She may also change her hairstyle or color her hair. Or, the cheating spouse joins a gym and starts working out.

Strange Work Habits

Changes with the employment habits of the potentially cheating spouse may also be a sign of an affair. For example, the cheating husband insists that he has to frequently work overtime but there is no overtime reflected on his pay check or he works very late at night. Or you call the cheating wife at work, and she is always “unavailable” or she tells you not to call her at work. Or the spouse comes home wearing a different pair of underwear. A common sign indicating a possible work affair is when the cheating spouse is suddenly taking more “business trips” than usual.

Online Cheating

With the boom of the Internet and social networking sites, online affairs are quite common today. There are “dating” sites and other online meeting places for cheating spouses to arrange and conduct extramarital affairs. Does the cheating husband or cheating wife spend an excessive amount of time online, especially when you are asleep or very late at night? This may indicate that the spouse is frequenting “dating” websites, or chatting with and e-mailing potential lovers. Another sign is if the cheating spouse abruptly shuts off the computer whenever you approach.

Other signs

  • Mutual friends act uncomfortable around you because they know that your spouse is cheating on you
  • The cheating spouse stops wearing his or her wedding ring
  • The cheating husband’s clothes smell of unfamiliar perfume or the cheating wife’s clothes smell of unfamiliar after-shave or cologne
  • When you answer the phone, the caller always hangs up immediately without saying anything
  • When the cheating spouse is on the phone, he or she speaks in a low voice or whisper or hangs up as soon as you approach
  • Person has multiple cell phones for no apparent reason
  • The cheating spouse begins showing you a lack of interest, affection, or love and pays less attention to your children
  • You frequently fight or the cheating spouse tries to accuse you of cheating when there is no evidence
  • You find unexplained phone charges or unknown phone numbers on bills and/or credit card receipts show gifts that you haven’t received

Keep in mind that these signs alone do not necessarily prove that your spouse is cheating on you. There could be legitimate reasons and it may simply mean that it’s time for you and your spouse to have a serious conversation about where your marriage is heading. But if your gut feeling tells you that something is not right, then something probably is not right. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, it might be time to hire an Eye Spy private investigator to find the facts.

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