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The Cheating Husband: A Wife’s Guide

The Cheating Husband: A Wife’s Guide

Your husband caught cheating is justifiably painful. But, most cheating husbands report that they never “planned” to cheat. Even more, most cheating husbands have no intention of leaving their wives.
Men, like children, want your regular attention. They want sex, they want to feel needed, and appreciated for their contributions.

This doesn’t mean it’s ever okay to cheat. Choosing infidelity has countless consequences, some seem unforgivable. So, a husband caught cheating on his wife is selfishly risking it all to have his needs met.

Infidelity is neither the wise or mature thing to do. Women know they don’t have to tolerate an affair, so a cheating husband has lots to loose by using infidelity as a fix to marriage troubles.

The bottom line?

Like most marriages, couples rarely pause to meet their partner’s needs, much less, even know what their spouse’s needs are. Many husbands don’t offer care, support, understanding, and love to their wives, and many wives don’t offer acceptance, appreciation, and regular sex to their husbands.

Yes, women need sex too, but men need it more intensely, to re-build testosterone levels, and feel like strong, able men. It’s an important part of marriage, it’s a time to connect with one another, and enjoy the pleasures of sex.

In short, during marriage, both people need to step-up to the plate to avoid a cheating spouse situation. You have needs that likely remain unmet, and so does your husband. Think back for a moment. Before the husband caught cheating crisis. Ask yourself:

Was my relationship strengthening to me? Did it feel good to be around my spouse? Did I look forward to our time together? Was his/her presence uplifting to me? Did my marriage feel satisfying to me? To my husband?

If you’re facing infidelity, the answers going through your heard are probably, “No….No…No…” The answer doesn’t always have to be yes. It’s true, even the strongest marriages face irritable and unloving times.

But, if you’re not feeling good about most of your marriage, then neither is your spouse. Add a lack of communication to the scene, a crisis, and daily fighting, and you’ve got a stage set up for infidelity.

Get some support. A husband caught cheating is a shocking and draining finding to sort through alone. As an expert Infidelity and Relationship Coach, contact me for support during this difficult time.

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