Wiretapping Detection & Bug Sweeps

Wiretapping Detection & Bug Sweeps

Eye Spy Detective Agency has discovered more illegal bugs than any other Detective Agency.

Eye Spy discusses wiretapping detection & bug sweeps. In the past 30 years, technology and its equipment has moved forward by leaps and bounds. Nothing is as simple or as secure as it once was. A corporate executive used to be able to make a phone call with limited concern about wiretapping of the phone line; a wife in the midst of a divorce could speak to her lawyer in her home without a second thought about the potential of her soon to be ex-husband’s eavesdropping. Today, however, privacy is no longer sacred. Bugs and wiretapping equipment are easy to obtain and install. Your most private moments could be videoed for all to see; your conversations could be recorded; and even your corporate secrets could be exposed and out in the open. What can you do?

This is where Eye Spy Detective Agency can help with over twenty five years of experience and technical expertise. We’re not just one option; we’re your only option. Our team of qualified technicians and surveillance experts use over one hundred thousand dollars worth of highly sophisticated electronic testing equipment and technical methods to find eavesdropping devices.

There are several factors which can influence how much risk you are taking by making a phone call or sending an email. As a corporate executive, your knowledge on the inner workings of your company is exactly what rivals need to give them the competitive edge. Or worse, if they are eavesdropping in on that one big meeting, they could bury your company and eliminate you from the business game altogether. Don’t let your comfort zone get the best of you. Take action and defend your assets.

You and your spouse are going through a divorce. There are many high powered attorneys working on both your cases. During your next phone call with one of your attorneys, the phone goes out for a brief second and then suddenly returns. What just happened? Did you temporarily lose service or has your spouses’ wiretap just started recording the conversation? How much did your spouse just hear of your private conversation with your attorney? Again, the question is what can you do if you feel your being bugged or wiretapping is taking place?

Once Eye Spy Detective Agency has been commissioned for a Bug sweep service, our team will locate those silent invading bugs or wiretaps located in your home, office, or vehicle. We work in homes, businesses, government facilities, any vehicles, land line telephones, cell phones, computer networks, and more. At Eye Spy Detective Agency, we believe that your business should stay your business; we provide the services and tools to accomplish that. Take control of your privacy and your life. Do not let yourself be the victim of a bugging or wiretapping device. We have been leading the way in privacy for over twenty years. CALL NOW at 1-888-393-7799


Wiretapping Detection & Bug Sweeps

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