“WIN-WIN” Child Custody

“WIN-WIN” Child Custody


eyespyinvestigations-header_r1_c1Child custody and support are often the most disputed areas as they affect both emotions and money. Unfortunately, children are often used as bargaining chips. Parents’ responsibility to manage their children’s growth and development continues even though the marriage ends.

Child Support / Custody Investigations

What does a child custody investigator do?
A child custody investigation can protect your chidren from danger and abuse.

The court will make child custody decisions base on what is in the “best Interest” of the child if the parents can’t come to an agreement. This aspect can be the most complicated and controversial part of the case. There are many factors the court will consider when making a decision. Reasons to hire an Eye Spy Detective Agency private investigator include:

•Prove Neglect
•Prove Abuse
•Gain Visitation Rights

Situations that could help you in your Child Custody case:

Does your ex drink alcohol or use drugs?
Does your ex act irresponsible via living like he’s/she’s 20 years old again?
Does your ex drop your child off at your in-laws house so he/she can go out and party with his/her friends?
Does your ex consume alcohol and/or drugs & then operate a motor vehicle?
Does your ex stay out at the bar until 2:30am?
Is your ex living a lifestyle that is of questionable turpitude?
Is your ex dating someone who you feel could be dangerous to be around your child?
Is it possible that your ex could have been recently arrested and/or charged with D.W.I.?
During supervised visitation does the supervisor leave your ex unattended with the child?
Is your ex putting the child in dangerous situations? Does he/she physically or verbally abuse the child?

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