illegal Tattoo Artist

illegal Tattoo Artist


If someone you know is illegally tattooing people from their home or others homes without a license, please do the right thing and report them. This is simply to prevent others from  getting infected by people who do not know how to take the proper steps to tattoo and may poison and, or pass on blood borne pathogens, or others infections. Hep-C etc.. I

t is against the law, in Michigan and in most states, if not all of them, to tattoo a  minor and to tattoo without a license. It is ILLEGAL to tattoo anyplace other than a licensed tattoo shop because it is unsanitary, and yes, YOU must be licensed. Go to the County Health Dept or Police Department. They can take the proper steps without involving you. You can also contact the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy, to investigate the illegal tattoo artist to obtain their address and advertising information.

In order to be verified as a tattooist in the state of Michigan you must have a blood borne pathogens certificate that applies to the knowledge of blood clean up and sterilization. in order to do so you may need to contact your local health department to acquire this certificate. An annual license is around $250 for the first year and $200 each year after.

If someone were to get an infection from one of the unlicensed tattoo artist’s tattoos, they would be responsible for that persons health care, and the unlicensed tattoo artist could be subject to a fine and/or jail time. In most states it is a misdemeanor to be tattooing without a license. The Michigan Private Detectives at Eye Spy may be able to get you a refund from the illegal tattoo artist and help bring them to justice while protecting you.

If you need help in tracking down the illegal tattoo artist please contact Eye Spy at 888-393-7799. We guarantee 100% confidentially.

Tattoo Parlor License Requirements:,1607,7-180-24786_24826-81538–,00.html

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