Locate a Missing Person

Locate a Missing Person

Locate a Missing Person:



Eye Spy Detective Agency gets requests to locate ‘ missing’ individuals everyday.  More and more often, when clients call our firm, they inform us they conducted the ‘internet people searches’ and found nothing.  That is not surprising given the quality of most internet databases.  The information available is on the internet is incomplete, old, and inaccurate!

As an experienced private investigation agency, it is our opinion that locating people is part science, part art and part luck. Experience is necessary, and our investigators have the tools and expertise to get the job done.  We boast a 95% success rate and are willing take the most difficult cases.

Before accepting a ‘missing person’ case Eye Spy Detective Agency will conduct an interview with the client to obtain all the necessary details.  Feel free to call 888-393-7799 to discuss.

As a general guideline:

There are many different types ‘Missing Persons’:
– Debtors
– Deadbeat parents
– Witnesses
– Heirs
– Runaways

Services/ Rates:

  • Rates range from $ 125.00 – $ 500.00 and up
  • Price depends on complexity of the case
  • All clients must provide a justifiable need to locate the person
  • Clients must be willing to have the investigator contact the subject of the search if deemed necessary for safety

Before hiring our firm-  Organize all the information you have about your subject by answering these questions.

– Who is missing and how long has it been since I heard from them?
– Why are they missing?
– How much personal information (i.e. Date of birth) do I have?
– What was the last verified address I have?
– When is the last time I saw the person I am looking for?

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