Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

These scams hit us right where we live. From foreclosure frauds to subprime shenanigans, mortgage fraud is a growing crime threat that is hurting homeowners . Mortgage brokers are calling for tighter regulations in wake of alleged fraud.

Eye Spy provides clients with various services related to mortgage fraud and mortgage irregularities.  Our firm has conducted hundreds of quality control audits and with the validation of potential claims in Michigan, Ohio and Florida.

Our firm has assisted other investigation agencies, private mortgage insurance companies, title companies, lenders, and other financial institutions with investigations of irregularities on mortgages.
We understand the mortgage industry expects the borrower to provide true and factual information in all instances.   Through our investigations we have been able to verify fraud on applications for several reasons including:

  • Illegal Straw Purchases
  • Falsified and inaccurate employment information
  • Falsified and/or exaggerated income
  • Owner occupied residence irregularities (i.e. borrower never lived in the residence)
  • Person promising to repair your mortgage debt took the money and ran

Our company has shown through our experience and in-depth knowledge of the mortgage application process that we are able to identify the ‘red-flags’ required to assist with and document allegations of mortgage fraud.

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