Real Property Lookup

Real Property Lookup

Real Property lookup

Property Searches are used to identify ownership which helps you to learn about the person and possibly investigate them. Property ownership can establish the assets of the owner, which may be helpful with any upcoming court proceedings or when chasing payment.


Real Estate Agents- We can help you determine who owns that home and how you can contact them.

Eye Spy can gather Information about current ownership, mailing address, legal property description, property values, building details, land use, sales and deeds.

Real Estate Fraud is on the rise and most Americans don’t realize how easy it is to be victimized by a con artist. Because of the dramatic increase in foreclosures over the last couple of years, there are many properties available for consumers to choose from. However, some of these properties are under foreclosure and being rented/leased by unscrupulous people while other properties are being used in ponzi schemes.

It is up to you to take the necessary steps to protect your family and or business associates from fraudsters. FYI can assist you by obtaining the financial history and current status of a particular mortgage. FYI will also conduct background checks on investors, real estate agents and brokers to insure that they are properly licensed and not under investigations for fraud related activities.

Eye Spy provides various ways to look up detail information about Real Estate Properties in the USA.

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