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What Does He See in Her That He Didn’t See in You?

What Does He See in Her That He Didn’t See in You?


Have you ever been disillusioned with a man that you liked because your relationship with him never progressed to anything more than a few months of casual dating? While you were dating, did he always tell you that he wasn’t ready for anything more serious than casual dating? Were you disappointed when he ended things with you without so much as an explanation? To make matters worse did you later found out shortly after he broke up with you that he was engaged to another woman whom he’s only been dating for a few months? I’m sure this must have left you wondering, what does he see in her that he didn’t see in you? The answer to this is probably a lot more complicated then you may think. Would you like to know more about this person? The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy can get you the answers you desire.

Maybe he truly felt at the moment you were dating him that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. Perhaps he was going through a stressful time in his life that didn’t give him the time to devote to a relationship and you just happened to come into his life at the wrong time. If you would have met him as soon as even six months to a year later things may have turned out differently and maybe he would have pursued a serious relationship with you. The new girl in his life that he is now engaged to may have simply had the luck of coming into his life at the right time.

Another reason why he may have never wanted to have a serious relationship with you may have been due to incompatibility. He may have thought you were a nice girl whom he found attractive but it’s a possibility that he felt that you and him came from different family backgrounds. Coming from different family backgrounds could have been enough for him not to want to pursue anything more with you beyond the casual dating relationship you had with him. Perhaps your family backgrounds were similar and you were compatible with him in that area but maybe you both had different levels of education. For example, maybe you have a high school diploma while he has a master’s degree or vice versa. If you are the one with the higher level of education, the fact that you would probably always earn more money than him may have been intimidating to him. On the other hand, maybe he was the one with the higher level of education and he would only consider being in a serious relationship with another woman who has a similar level of education and earning potential as him. If your education was comparable to his and you came from similar family backgrounds, it’s also possible that you and he simply didn’t like doing the same kinds of things. In order to be in a serious relationship, you and your partner have to like doing some of the same things or else you will eventually get bored with each other.

As you see, answering the question of what he sees in her that he didn’t see in you is not that clear cut. There is no specific answer to this question. You simply weren’t the right woman for him. Don’t let that bring you down because there are plenty of other men out there and eventually you will meet the right one. Eye Spy can help you move on with your life by getting you all the answers about the woman he chose. You will be to peek into her life and finally put your mind at ease.  Call Eye Spy today 888-393-7799

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