Is he Cheating on you????? Now what???

Is he Cheating on you????? Now what???

What’s really sad is CHEATERS don’t realize whom they hurt until after they’ve hurt the one they are suppose to love.

I was listening to  a radio segment where the hosts fool cheating spouses into spilling the beans on national radio by offering them one dozen red roses they can send to anyone they want for FREE.

Dozen Red Roses


The idiot cheater they called fell victim to the scandal not knowing her better half was sitting silently on the other line waiting to hear whom she was going to send the flowers to.  And wow the storm that segment sparked when the truth came out.  Poor thing cried like a baby when he heard the truth.  And she was a total brat!  Its like she was happy and relieved the truth was finally out.  I can’t imagine!

If you cheat, you will get caught…especially if your Wife, Husband or significant other hires Eye Spy Detective Agency.

The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy often get asked advice about how to handle a cheating spouse.  Well foremost please do not wreck his/her property.  If you know for sure that they’re cheating then end it before it ends you.

People don’t realize that defacing or even worse destroying someone else’s property can land you in jail or cost you a lot of money to repair.  While it may feel REAL good doing it, two wrongs don’t make a right.

We’d love to bring back the scarlet letter though and force the cheater to wear it in public so everyone can see what he or she are guilty of.  But then again, they may see other branded cheaters, bond with each other over stories about how they got caught and almost got away with it.  Hmmmm!  Let me rethink that one!

And then there is the real public embarrassment, like outing their scandal by using the power of the media.  That there is a WHOPPER!  Going down the list of famous cheaters caught with lipstick on their collar; President Bill Clinton, Chris Brown vs. Rihanna, Elliot Spitzer (his wife looks so hurt and confused), Congressman Christopher Lee, Tiger Woods, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and recently Anthony Weiner.

SIDEBAR:  While Hillary Clinton may have forgiven President Clinton, I’m she sure hasn’t forgotten.  Especially when news breaks of other public figures caught cheating.  Ugh!

OMG!!! What were they thinking?  Actually, they weren’t thinking because besides embarrassing themselves they also hurt their friends and family and can pretty much kiss their career’s goodbye.  I digress!

So take our advice… think twice about your actions, speak to an attorney if you are tied to the cheater financially and don’t fight.  If your family and friends still do not believe you that your ex is a cheater, we can help.  Hire the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy to follow your cheater around for the night and capture their naughtiness on tape. Once you have this evidence its yours to show the world. You’re better than that person and life does go on. Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT is waiting in the wings. Call Eye Spy today 888-393-7799 or visit



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