Should you hire a private investigator to serve papers?

Should you hire a private investigator to serve papers?

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Eye Spy discusses private investigator to serve papers. If only it were as easy as turning legal papers into paper airplanes and flying them directly into the hands of the desired recipient. Unfortunately, serving court documents can be tricky, especially when the person you are serving is an expert and knows how to evade legal document service. Hiring a Michigan private investigator is an excellent way to serve court papers safely and quickly. First, private investigators know how to find someone. Even bare bones facts can be enough to find the target and get the papers into his/her hands. Second, we know how to follow people and figure out the best way to serve their papers before they are onto us.

If you need to serve court papers and are struggling to get them into the right hands, consider how a Michigan private investigator can help.

Hire a Michigan private detective to serve papers

We can find someone. Most people are not expecting to have legal papers served to them, or they do expect it and are entirely cooperative. Others have been served so many times they are wary of any stranger who approaches them, wouldn’t sign a “return receipt” postal card if their life depended on it, and are happy to walk outside with a baseball bat in hand to meet anyone who seems to be staking out their business or residence. A private investigator can use people finding data bases, which aren’t available to the general public, in order to find someone. Then we can use expert surveillance services to watch their day-to-day habits and figure out the best way to reach them. The more we know about their activities, the easier it is to serve papers. Please note: If you have tried unsuccessfully to serve papers, and/or were threatened in the attempt – DO NOT PROCEED. Your safety is of the utmost importance, which is why hiring a professional is often the fastest and safest way to serve legal documents.

Surveillance Services. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of surveillance for a professional investigator to figure out the best way to approach someone and serve court documents. The less suspecting they are, i.e. not a stranger on their doorstep or waiting for them at work, the more likely the process is to succeed. We mean no offense, but it isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. Plus, once your cover is blown, it can be harder than ever to serve legal documents because your mark will be overly cautious from then on. Hire a professional surveillance investigator and get the job right the first time.

Do you need to serve divorce papers, or any other type of legal documents? Save the time, energy, and frustration of doing it yourself and hire a private detective.

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