Signs your partner may be cheating

Signs your partner may be cheating

Signs Your Partner
May Be Cheating


Eye Spy discusses the signs that your partner may be cheating. If your partner’s behavior in one of the following areas hoists a red flag, remember, it may not necessarily be cause for alarm. Weigh your words. Think before you accuse. Proceed with caution. But if you notice a trend, be well prepared with the tools that can reveal the truth for sure.

  1. When your partner starts making excessive or unusual excuses to avoid being intimate with you.

  2. The opposite of item number one — Your partner pays unusually high amounts of attention to you… becomes much more attentive to your needs than usual. This is brought on from the initial guilt that many cheaters experience. As the affair continues, these feelings of guilt often tend to diminish, and with that, the attention that you get will also diminish.

  3. Your partner starts being overly lavish with gift giving. You might start receiving flowers, candies, and other gifts out of nowhere. This also goes along with the guilt that your partner feels. It’s a psychological thing that many cheaters do subconsciously to make themselves feel better.

  4. When they will not allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room. They may password protect their laptop or computer to keep out suspicious eyes. Or they stay up to “work” on the computer after you go to bed. Excessive Internet usage, especially late at night, is a red flag.

  5. When your partner suddenly starts working late for a variety of reasons. Late meetings, project deadlines… these are all typical excuses. A pay stub should show an increase in pay from all the extra hours, so you can start there. If he doesn’t want to you show you the pay stub, that’s another sign.

  6. Your partner’s taste in music suddenly changes. If your partner mainly listens to one genre of music and all of a sudden they start listening to something completely different, perhaps even something they didn’t used to live, then this might be the music taste of their lover and it is growing on your partner.

  7. When your partner gets mysterious phone calls or when they hurry to answer the phone, leave the room to talk on the phone and when you ask who called, they say, “No one,” or “Wrong number.” If they are suddenly talking to people from work or one of their friends, are these calls being placed at unusual times compared to the past? If so, beware… they might not be talking to who they say they are talking to.

  8. When your partner starts locking their cell phone so that you can’t gain access to it. Cell phones today are very important, and very few people lose them (the main reason people used to lock their phones.) Trends show that few people ever lock their phone, so if your partner is doing it, or especially if they didn’t used to do it and now are, beware!

  9. When your partner starts hiding his or her cell phone bill, or quickly checking the mail around the days that the phone bill is supposed to arrive. If they do this in conjunction with item #8 on this list, look out!

  10. When your partner gets home from work or some other activity and they or their clothes smells of perfume or cologne that isn’t theirs.

  11. When your partner arrives home and heads straight into the shower or bath. They know their body smells of another person, especially if they just had sex, and need to wipe the evidence away. Many cheaters will say they are going to the gym after work, when instead they go to meet their lover. This gives them the perfect opportunity to jump into the shower when they get home without raising suspicion. Most gyms today track every time a customer goes in, so you can call and easily get a list of days that week that your partner actually went to the gym.

  12. Your partner frequently picks fights with you on just about anything. You’ll notice your partner being irritable and picking a fight so that they can have a reason to get out of the house to go meet their lover.

  13. During an argument, your partner is quick to bring up the fact that your relationship together isn’t a good one or is on the path to being ended. Negativity about the relationship is often brought up by a cheater because their relationship with their lover is in the ‘bliss’ state where everything seems perfect. They may also be pushing you to actually have you end the relationship because they don’t want to be the one to initiate it on the basis of having met somebody else. They often times don’t want to hurt you, and feel your feelings may be hurt less if they can get you to end the relationship vs. you finding out the truth.

  14. Your partner changes the way they kiss or make love all of a sudden. They might also start requesting kinky things that aren’t normal in your relationship, or suddenly want to do things you haven’t done before.

  15. When your partner changes their normal day-to-day appearance. You might find that they are suddenly grooming themselves more diligently, wearing nicer clothing, putting on cologne or perfume when going out with friends.

  16. When your partner starts working out or going to the gym all of a sudden. A cheater wants to look their best to impress their new lover, and this will motivate them to step outside their normal health routine to lose weight or firm up.

  17. When your partner gets easily offended when you ask normal and natural questions and they snap back about you why you’re spying or checking up on them.

  18. Your partner stops telling you that they love you.

  19. When your partner starts intentionally looking at or flirting with the opposite sex, when in the past, this is something your partner would never have done.

  20. When the passenger seat in the car has been changed and is not in the usual position or the mileage on the car is more than usual. Also increased gas purchases that are inconsistent with the amount of miles on the car. Is the odometer showing much higher numbers than the distance it takes to get to and from work?

  21. When your partner’s begins to change their clothing style. You partner may start buying sexy underwear, or other new clothes that is not typical of them. If charges to credit cards for these types of things are on the increase, be alert.

  22. Your partner’s behavior changes to the point that that your friends begin asking you what’s wrong. You may not notice the subtle day to day changes, but close friends and family members often will notice tension from your partner before you are even aware of it.

  23. When you notice an increase in ATM withdrawals or credit card charges. It costs money to wine and dine the other person, buy them gifts, and do all the normal courtship things people do.

  24. Your partner begins telling jokes uncharacteristic of them, or they start using catch phrases or expressing opinions that are outside of their norm.

  25. Your partner turns the table and accuses you of cheating but has no evidence. Because cheaters are doing it themselves, they often feel that their partner might be doing it as well. If you start getting accused of cheating when your normal routine hasn’t change, there may be a good chance it is in fact your partner that is cheating.

  26. When your partner becomes eager to volunteer to go to the grocery store, post office, or any place that gets them outside of the house. This gives them the time to speak to their lover on the cell phone. Your partner can delete this call history from their cell phone, but not off their cell phone bill, so mark the times and check the bill.

  27. When your partner shows up without their wedding ring or suddenly stops wearing it and makes lame excuses as to why they don’t have it on.

  28. Your partner continually criticizes another person you both know. What they are trying to do is unarm you by making you think that person or that type of person would never be of interest to them, when in fact that person might be their secret lover.

  29. When you partner starts to criticize things about you that haven’t changed, that they once found attractive and appealing

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