Top 10 signs your Boss is spying on you

Top 10 signs your Boss is spying on you

Top 10 Signs Your Boss Is Spying On You

Eye Spy discusses signs your Boss is spying on you. More companies are spying on their employees. Is your boss spying on you? David Letterman offered some clues to worker bees everywhere:

David Letterman’s Top 10 Signs Your Boss Is Spying On You

  1. Wherever you go you’re followed by a potted plant in loafers.
  2. The bracelet he gave you for Christmas beeps if you leave your cubicle.
  3. Office coffee has hint of hazelnut and sodium pentothal.
  4. Your name: “Sam.” Next to your parking spot: “Reserved for the guy following Sam.”
  5. Find yourself getting tasered more than with previous bosses.
  6. Your new secretary looks a lot like that chick from “Alias.”
  7. Instead of photos of wife and kids on his desk, he has a photo of you sleeping.
  8. When you’re alone in the men’s room, a voice tells you to quit blocking the lens.
  9. Boss critical of typos in your personal e-mails.
  10. The fax machine just coughed.


Laugh all you want, but know this:
The reality is that none of us has privacy at work, especially when it comes to our e-mail. So while the boss may not be following you around the office disguised as a potted plant wearing loafers, he or she may very well be noting the typos in your personal e-mails.


Companies big and small are starting to crack down on e-mail, and violating the firm’s e-mail policy is grounds for dismissal. Do you know your company’s e-mail policy? The rules are pretty basic and usually entail these two elements:


  • No or limited personal e-mail use at work.
  • A totally professional attitude and behavior in the e-mail you do send representing the company.


Why the sudden concern? “If a workplace lawsuit is filed, you can pretty much count on the fact that e-mail is going to be subpoenaed, and now instant messages are starting to be subpoenaed.

The majority of these lawsuits in which e-mail messages are subpoenaed involve sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or hostile work environments. A common mistake employees make is to use the company e-mail system for personal messages. Some organizations totally ban the personal use of e-mail and IM systems. Some allow limited use. If you’re using it for personal reasons, and it’s banned, that would be grounds for termination.

What can you safely say in an e-mail? If you were standing in an elevator with a client, competitor, and a colleague, would you say it out loud? If not, don’t say it in your e-mail. There’s also this classic test: Are you comfortable with your e-mail being published on the front page of tomorrow morning’s newspaper?

Because people forward or save e-mail and instant messages, others have easy access to what you wrote and thought you deleted. In addition, your employer may be monitoring or retaining your messages. Fully 60 percent of companies do just that.

What can you do to protect yourself? Find out your company’s official policy on e-mail and instant messaging and then abide by it. Many organizations don’t offer formal training on the policy, so it may be up to you to find out. Most of all, pay attention to what you write and think before you click on the send button.


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