GPS Tracking In Michigan- Unlicensed Private Investigators

GPS Tracking In Michigan- Unlicensed Private Investigators

It is illegal for a person to monitor another individual’s automobile through the use of satellite tracking technology in MI. In an effort to define and create boundaries about the acceptable use of GPS devices, the state of Michigan passed legislation that will allow the use of GPS monitoring equipment by LICENSED private investigators.

What This Means For LICENSED Private Investigators:


With the new language in the Michigan law, LICENSED private detectives will be allowed to attach electric vehicle monitoring devices onto a motor vehicle without the authorized consent of the driver. What makes this legislation so important for private investigators is that it will allow detectives to covertly gather evidence on targets while keeping those involved with the investigation process safe. Since many portable GPS tracking systems are now designed with waterproof housing and exterior magnetic mounts that allow for easy outside placement to the under side of a vehicle, private investigators can quickly attach a GPS device within seconds! The data from a GPS device will provide detailed accounts of everywhere a driver has been and more.

GPS tracking systems are now one of the most called upon tools by police agencies and private investigation companies because of the reliability and efficiency of the surveillance tools.

What This Means For You:

If an UNLICENSED Private Investigator or another person attach a GPS device to your car they are breaking the law and will be prosecuted. If a citizen hires an UNLICENSED Private Investigator to conduct an investigation and/or attach a GPS device, that fake PI is committing a felony and all parties could be prosecuted.  

Report Unlicensed Activity

Unlicensed investigations conducted by individuals or agency’s is a violation of state regulation. Michigan Statutes.   These people do not pay taxes, have insurance or bonds. It is not unusual for them to be involved in other illegal activities as well.  Eye Spy wishes to protect the consumer and our profession.  Please report all suspected unlicensed activity and we will investigate the complaint and we will see that it is turned over to the Division of Licensing. 

Eye Spy Detective Agency is licensed, bonded and insured in the states of MI, OH and Florida.

Call Eye Spy today if your privacy has been violated by a private citizen or UNLICENSED Private Investigator.  Eye Spy will conduct counter-surveillance and help the Judge throw the book at these criminals. Our company investigates 100’s of fraudulent PI cases per year and we work closely with the bureau to make sure justice is served. Call Eye Spy at 888-393-7799 or email us at [email protected]

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