How to Get Cell Phone Records

How to Get Cell Phone Records


Cell phone records are documents of a person’s incoming and out-going calls that are maintained by a cell phone service provider. Obtaining your own cell phone records is a relatively easy task; however, if you want to get cell phone records for another person such as a family member or an unfaithful spouse, this requires more work and possibly outside assistance.

Accessing Personal Cell Phone Records

Step #1

Call your cell phone provider to get your personal cell phone records.

  • Be prepared to provide personal information that will assist the customer service representative in identifying your account such as your account number or cell phone number and current home address and phone number.
  • Because your cell phone provider should have provided this information to you in a monthly statement, they may charge you a fee for providing this information to you again.

Step #2

Go to your cell phone provider’s website and register for an account to access your cell phone records online. An online account will allow you to see your cell phone records just as they are indicated on the print statement your cell phone provider sends you every month. Many cell phone providers will also allow you to choose to receive your cell phone bill via email or snail mail once you have established an online account.


Accessing Another Person’s Cell Phone Records

  1. Step #1

    Get a family member’s cell phone records by calling the cell phone provider and identifying who you are and your relationship to the person. You will also need to have identifying information such as your family member’s full name, cell phone number, address and possibly their social security number.

    • If you have a shared family plan, you should be able to access your spouse and/or children’s cell phone records through your online account.
  2. Step #2

    Get the cell phone records of an estranged spouse when you are in the middle of a court case by having them subpoenaed. This is the legal method of obtaining cell phone records that your lawyer can use in a court case.

    • An alternative to the subpoena is purchasing cell phone records from a data broker that charges a fee to obtain the records.
    • Warnings

      • Data brokers often use fraudulent means to get the cell phone records.
      • If you obtain cell phone records from an online data broker, they are not admissible in court




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