Need to find someone?

Need to find someone?

There are a number of reasons why someone would try to locate a person. An old acquaintance has being playing on your mind lately. They could have been an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or an old college friend. You’re curious to know how they are getting on, if they decided to marry, if they have children.

You used to work for someone or did some work for that person and they’ve vanished without paying you. You’ve been left stuck with an invoice/ wage slip for a couple of thousand and all you have is an old work address which has closed. There is a principal involved, you have been cheated. Perhaps this person really doesn’t have the money to pay you or perhaps they do and are now crying poor from their four million dollar home and nearly new Mercedes.

A family member has run away. They have become overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities. There may be drug or alcohol or gambling addiction involved. You just want to talk to them, to ask them how they are getting on, to ask them do they need help.

Someone you know has vanished off the face of the earth, you have tried everyone but there are no answers. This can be a long affair but the sooner you hire a private detective then the fresher the trail.

You have a need to know your natural parents identity, you would like to make contact with them and form some sort of relationship. This is a very natural and popular request. You may have very limited knowledge about them. One of our detectives will give you
an honest and frank answer on your chances of success. We will act as an intermediary and attempt to bring the two of you together.

Finding people is our number one request. We find people every week, some have been gone for years, some have thought they were careful in hiding their whereabouts. We act with compassion and understanding where required. We cannot guarantee our results but we have an excellent record and most traces can be completed within a week.

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