CHEATERS! Will they cheat???

CHEATERS! Will they cheat???

Chances are you know someone who’s been cheated on — or maybe you’ve been cheated on yourself. If that’s the case, we’re guessing you have tons of unanswered questions, like why did he or she stray? And is this preventable in the future?


What constitutes cheating? Who’s doing it and how often? Here are some cold hard facts on cheating:

Who is more likely to cheat?

1) People who are narcissists

2) People whose parents cheated

3) People who have the “cheating gene”

4) Men who have large testicles

5) People who are insecure about their spouse

6) People who fake orgasms

7) Men who have deeper voices

8) Women with Husband’s who have large penises

What is considered cheating?

1) Women think emotional cheating is worse

2) Men think sexual cheating is worse

Where do people cheat?

Cities with the highest percentage of cheaters:

1) DC

2) Houston

3) Miami

4) Pittspurgh

5) Los Angeles

6) Oklahoma City

7) Phoenix

8) New York

9) Chicago

10) Boston

11) Detroit

Why do people cheat?

20% of cheating women said it’s because they are in a sexless marriage

35% of cheating married Mom’s say it’s to spice things up

56% of men who cheated actually rated their marriage happy or very happy

34% of women who cheated actually rated their marriage happy or very happy


1) 68% of adulterers conduct their illicit activities at work, spending an average of  1.17hrs doing so.

2) Wednesday is the most popular day for people to cheat.

3) More unethical behavior happens in the afternoon.


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