Why Choose EYE SPY?

We are relationship evidence experts. We wrote the book on cheating (How to Catch Your Cheatin’ Mate – By Michael Torrice).

Do you suspect your mate of infidelity? Are you wondering how to catch a cheating spouse? An Eye Spy infidelity private investigator can help you, one who is capable of carrying out matrimonial investigations on your behalf. These are the sort of services that our team of dedicated private investigators can offer.

You can take comfort in knowing that our offices in Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH) and in Florida (FL) are licensed and bonded, and we have met the high standards that these states have for private investigators. Our office is capable of performing investigations in all 50 states, and even in international locations through our business affiliates.

What Can We Do for You?

If you’ve caught your spouse lying, or if their attitude toward you has changed, then you may be suspecting that they are cheating on you. Don’t let worry keep you up at night; hire a trained expert in MI, OH or FL. An Eye Spy infidelity private investigator can put your mind at ease. We can verify the whereabouts of your spouse or let you know where they are really going. More importantly, we can find out who they’re going out with and how intimate their relationship is. Find out whether they really are going out for brunch with friends, or are instead headed for a romantic rendezvous.

What is the Cost?

To ensure that we provide you peace of mind regardless of your circumstances, we offer both flat and hourly rates, as well as a variety of case plans that will fit your budget. You’ll be paying for the expert knowledge, skills, and resources of someone with experience in conducting investigations inside and outside of MI, OH and FL. An Eye Spy infidelity private investigator from our firm knows how to catch a cheating spouse. Even if it’s discovered that your mate is faithful, you’ll be able to put that worry to rest and focus on other aspects of your relationship. It will be left to your discretion if you wish to inform them of the services we rendered.

Don’t let suspicion take over your life. Hire one of our investigators and learn the truth.

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