Did your child go missing?

Did your child go missing?

You may think you know your child so well that he/she would never go missing, you never know what goes through your child(s) mind until it’s too late.

Your child could be headed down the wrong path and you won’t even know it, as much as this hurts to talk about it I hate to see any parent loose their child to horrible things in life. Your child will lie just to hide the truth from you, do things start to go missing like money or gas from your vehicle start to disappear? Does your mind wonder if your child is in jail or prison?

Sometimes kids go through things that us parents cant understand as simple as you may think their life is. We professionalize in finding locations on people.

If you need answers and you want them right away, then you need to come to the right place, we will take your case just hire us on the spot, call us today at (586)285-5000 or stop by our office, our address is 32059 Utica Rd. Fraser, MI 48026, don’t stress yourself out over your child being missing, your secret will be safe with us!

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