Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

Eyes Spy Investigations discusses the use of hidden cameras. Bugging someones house is not only illegal, but any information obtained through this process will not hold up in court. If you are looking to install hidden cameras in your house, this is why it is important to call a professional. Licensed private investigators are legally allowed to install hidden cameras in houses with one exception; no cameras can be placed in a spot/room where someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as the bathroom or their bedroom.

The spy camera has been an important evidence gathering tool ever since the Tica Expo Watch Camera hit the market in the late 1800’s. Looking like an ordinary pocket watch, which at the time was almost as ubiquitous as today’s cellphone, it allowed spies, undercover officers and private eyes to easily gather visual evidence that prior to that had been extremely difficult or practically impossible.

In time cameras would be built into almost every object imaginable, and to this day the trend continues. Only nowadays modern technology has made it possible to develop smaller devices and to operate them remotely, or have them take pictures or shoot video automatically thanks to movement or heat sensors. From a belt camera to a tissue camera to even a toothbrush camera. Be Careful, there are cameras everywhere you look today.

The Licensed Professionals at Eye Spy Detective Agency can detects hidden cameras in your home, business or vehicle. 

Bug Sweeps

Don’t be a victim!!

Sometimes a malicious program may record and collect your video or photo via mobile camera. Make sure that no one or app tries to monitor you through mobile camera. Hire the Private Investigators at Eye Spy to conduct a bug sweep on your cell phone, home, business or vehicle. We can quickly and easily locate all the hidden cameras in the area, even if they area turned off.

Contact a licensed Private Investigator at Eye Spy today for more information 888-393-7799 or visit www.eyespyinvestigations.com

hidden cameras


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