Is my spouse cheating?

Is my spouse cheating?

Eye Spy Investigations discusses the question “Is my spouse cheating?”


Eye Spy answers the question “Is my spouse cheating?” The first thing to do when you suspect infidelity is keep your suspicions a secret. Most people will let their emotions get the better of them and will confront the cheater. This only spooks the cheater, making them more difficult to catch. Emotional outbursts will only interfere with your investigation. The best thing to do is keep calm and hire a private investigator.

One of the first recommendations for investigating a cheating partner is to perform a forensic analysis on their cell phone. Our computer forensics specialists can easily extract deleted texts, pictures, and web browsing history. In today’s technological era, cell phones make it incredibly easy to catch a cheater. Most of the time, if they are cheating, they are texting about it. Deleted texts often provide plain, black and white evidence proving their infidelity.

Another avenue for detecting infidelity is GPS tracking. Our investigators can discreetly install a tracking device on the person’s automobile and record their whereabouts. After the specified time period, we will remove the tracking device and provide you with a printed report detailing all locations visited. If you think you know who your spouse is cheating with, we can install two separate trackers and determine where they are meeting up.

Surveillance provides indisputable evidence. When used with the GPS tracking device, surveillance is easy, fast, and efficient. Video footage obtained by a real private investigator provides the best evidence in the event of a divorce proceeding.

In the event of a divorce proceeding, judges will often award less to the cheating party. Catching them in the act is the best insurance for keeping the house and kids. If you a have a gut feeling about your partner cheating, it highly likely that you are correct. Hiring a private investigator will yield you with the best results. If you feel your partner is cheating don’t ignore the feeling and don’t confront them either, meet with a private investigator instead.


Is my spouse cheating


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