Are You Being Stalked?

Are You Being Stalked?



Stalking has become one of the most dreaded crimes against women in recent years. According to a 2000 study conducted by the federal Department of Justice, one woman in 12 will be stalked during her lifetime.

Do you keep noticing the same person or vehicle everywhere you go? Did you recently have a bad breakup or divorce? You might be getting stalked. It’s not always a breakup or divorce that triggers a stalker to take interest in you, sometimes they stalk you because they are attracted to you. Stalkers will often go as far as to intrusively spy on you as well.

In some cases the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency have uncovered a GPS unit hidden in vehicles, and mobile phones that are hacked to send text messages and email to the stalker in the background.  We have also located listening devices or hidden camera in the victims home. None of these people had any idea this level of stalking and spying was taking place.


Stalking is contact (usually two or more times) from someone that makes you feel afraid or harassed.

Examples of stalking include:

-Following or spying on you
-Sending you unwanted emails or letters
-Calling you often
-Showing up at your house, school, or work
-Leaving you unwanted gifts


Cyberstalking is using the Internet, email, or other electronic communications to stalk someone. Examples of cyberstalking include:

Sending unwanted, frightening, or obscene emails, text messages, or instant messages (IMs)
Harassing or threatening someone in a chat room
Posting improper messages on a message board
Tracking your computer and Internet use
Sending electronic viruses
Pretending to be you in a chat room

If you are cyberstalked:

The experts at Eye Spy can help you figure out who the person is, and stop this abuse. Our Investigators can trace the IP address of the stalker.

Here are some ideas to help:

Send the person a clear, written warning not to contact you again
If the stalking continues, get help from the police.
Print out copies of evidence such as emails. Keep a record of the stalking and any contact with police.
Consider blocking messages from the harasser
Change your email address
File a complaint with the person’s Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Never post online profiles or messages with details that could be used to identify or locate you (such as age, sex, address, workplace, phone number, school, or places you hang out)

Either type of action may or may not be accompanied by a credible threat of serious harm. But both types can cause psychological damage, and each can potentially lead to an assault or even murder.

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