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Cheating Spouse PI

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Cheating isn’t a mistake, it’s a choice!

Infidelity, adultery, cheating, being unfaithful, having an affair..

no matter how you slice it, it’s one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. Not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you or not is equally as painful.

Is your cheating spouse making your marriage miserable?

Are they hiding, cheating, betrayal, stealing, projection, using family as your pawns, gossip, cultish beliefs, false sense of accountability ego trip… all enough to make your Spouse look like the crazy one.

A very important point is to be aware of the temptation in the world to be emotionally intimate with any one except one’s husband. An emotional affair can be very easy to fall into and devastating to your marriage relationship. 

A Private Investigator can help you to get the evidence you need. This evidence can be used in court to help the judge decide division of assets.

Issues of infidelity need to be handled by a private investigator who is not only experienced at surveillance and information gathering, they must also be well versed in family law to succeed.

Many of our clients use this evidence to help their children and family understand why they divorced their spouse. When your child becomes an adult, they usually have questions, anger and hostility towards your divorce. The video evidence that we obtain is movie quality. 

Aware of the Affair

This is a hot button for most people. Have you been cheated on multiple times? While the “other woman” is not someone you care to be around, you didn’t hate her: he lied to her too. Yes this woman is a “home wrecker”. There are girls who will target taken men, but what is FAR more common are the men who wreck their own homes. It all starts and ends with him. He lies to both of you.

People should be a part of your life because in some way they benefit you, if not they will bring you down and never matter, so let the useless ones go.

Let it go. Let him go. Empower yourself to respect yourself. If he’s cheating, your marriage ISN’T great; he’s just too scared to leave & be the bad guy! Never take back a man who loves another woman!

Happy Husbands Cheat

One of the best kept secrets about cheating husbands, infidelity and extramarital affairs is that happy husbands cheat, too. Not every cheating husband is dissatisfied or unhappy with his marriage or his wife. Yet many people believe that happily married men do not have extramarital affairs.

Since denial is one of the coping mechanisms that cheating spouses use to mentally make it okay to cheat, rewriting history and blaming their partners shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Common Cheating Reactions to Cheating Spouses

If his marriage ‘was over’ long before he met you, then how come he was still married and living with his wife? Truth: He’s a cheater.

If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you`ll be married to a man who cheats on his wife.

Do you honestly think he cheated just once? Do you really think you were the first? Or that they chased him/her?

Are they asking about their former flame again. Do they have mutual acquaintances?

He is going to do it over and over again. You can try to stand guard, lose weight, kiss his tail and pretend that everything is ok. It’s not.

The people u care about the most will hurt u the worst! Then they realize what they had and its too late!!

When you cheat on your wife, you are really cheating on your daughter as well…by teaching her that a man cannot be trusted and that it’s okay to lie.

Now he’s back home w/cable tv in his old room, laundry done for him and she packs his lunch for him. He didn’t want a wife & a partner – he needed to marry his mommy

You made your choices. You can’t handle your drinking. You’ve lied for so long, and lie about everything to this very day. It hurts because I thought you were “the one”. The one I was going to marry & have a family with. You ruined our fairytale, our everything. When are you going to grow up & act your age? When are you going to quit living so many lives and lying about everything?

So he left his wife for you?

If they cheated to get you, their WILL cheat on you.

Tell me again about what a ‘catch’ he is! I can’t stand when women work to destroy a family and then act like they won a prize when they get ”their’ man! They’re just going to end up with exactly what they deserve! Are they foolish enough to believe they’re the first woman he cheated on his wife with? Ohhhhh wait! It’ll be different with you right? He loves you! He didn’t love his wife when he asked her to marry him, married her, had kids with her, bought a house

Never date a known cheater or believe that you will be “the exception”

Cheaters Reaction After the Fact

They realize that the person trusted them much more than they deserved.

You may not have been the best husband and wife to each other, but you have an unbreakable bond, that cannot be broken , cheated on , lied on or about and no one male or female can break your bond or enter into it. It is yours and yours alone, created by your hearts and souls. You will always love each other, no matter how much you deny it.

How We Can Help

Monitoring the cheating spouse’s E-Mail, Chat Room Discussions and Internet Activity
Tracking the cheater’s vehicle-Attaching a GPS
Asset Searches
Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
E-Mail Tracing
Computer Forensics
Identification of the “Other Person”
Child Custody & Support Investigations

We, like most private investigators, charge our clients an hourly rate for surveillance and mileage. We create a plan to fit your your budget and needs. Each case is different and unique. 

Signs of Infidelity developed by a Cheating Spouse private investigator to help you with your situation. Find out if an investigation is right for your circumstances. A Cheating Spouse private investigator can discreetly, accurately and affordably help you.

The work that a private investigator does is strictly confidential and stays between you and them.

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