Child Support Investigators

Child Support Investigators


When it comes to child custody investigations, Eye Spy Detective Agency private detectives have decades of experience you can rely on to have the case handled successfully.

We specialize in child custody investigations, whether it is to find an ex-spouse who owes back child support, monitor compliance in court ordered visitations or to confirm suspicions in non-contested shared custody. Child custody investigations require the most seasoned investigators.

If you’re looking for a professional, discrete and experienced child support investigations team, look no further.

We are fully licenced, experienced child support investigation experts that will help you achieve fairness in your child support assessment.

Do you need to find out where your child’s deadbeat father or deadbeat mother is living?

Would you like to find out where they are working?

Do they have any assets in their name?

Have they failed to make payments for child support, but continue to earn income in some form?

The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency can help you collect when the government falls short.

We will get you as much information as possible about them so that you can get your child’s money.

Parents often hide factors that may change the amount of child support they pay or collect.
This may include change in income or employment status; cohabitation (living with someone)
“Dead-Beats” who do not pay child support and work “Under The Table” to hide income.

Our licensed Child Support Investigators obtain evidence so you can collect child support
Surveillance to follow a parent to work and obtain video of the parent working.
This is normally done a couple days a week over the course of several weeks.
You or you attorney receive a copy of the surveillance video and a detailed report.

The evidence we obtain in the course of the Child Support Investigation can be used to help you win your case.

Call the Michigan private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today 888-393-7799 or visit

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