Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying material targeted at a child or individual, where the effect is likely to be:
seriously threatening
seriously intimidating
seriously harassing
seriously humiliating.

What material is included?

posted on social networking sites (including photo and video sharing sites)
posted on apps with messaging or comment functions
posted on chat services (phone and online based)
posted on blogging sites and apps with messaging or comment functions
sent via phone-based text messages and MMS pictures
sent via email, video sharing and instant messaging
in the form of data, speech, music, photographs and visual images
in an online game where users can play with others online.

What should I do about cyberbullying material?
Step 1: Report the cyberbullying material to the social media service
Step 2: Collect evidence. Eye Spy can help
Step 3: Report to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner
Step 4: Block the person and talk to someone you trust

We need to see actual examples of the cyberbullying material you are complaining about. We cannot process your complaint without receiving evidence of cyberbullying material.

You can submit evidence of cyberbullying material in many forms, including:
URLs or web addresses — this is the most useful type of evidence for anything online
screen shots
scanned printouts of messages
photos and videos (up to 80MB).

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