Darknet Investigations

Darknet Investigations


Two Ashley Madison clients are reported to have taken their lives after hackers published their details according to police in Canada.

There are two unconfirmed suicides that may be linked to the hack. While we do not have details about the deaths, it has been reported that a Texas police chief took his life after his official email account was reportedly linked to an Ashley Madison account.

The fallout comes after hackers last week exposed about 32 million names, emails and physical addresses of people who had signed up for Ashley Madison, which helps married people arrange extramarital affairs. The Ashley Madison hack has allowed criminals to hack into the the users computers and personal information. It won’t be long before the Ashley Madison’s clients information goes public. We can help you to find out what information is available on you, and prepare you for what is coming.

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The hack had already led to a series of spin-offs of crimes and further victimization.
Criminals have already engaged in online scams by claiming to provide access to the leaked websites.
The public needs to be aware that by clicking on these links you are exposing your computers to malware, spyware, adware and viruses.

PLEASE READ: Criminals are running extortion scams, telling people that they can erase their names on the list in exchange for payment. One scammer is asking for 1.0000001 Bitcoins, or about $225. NO ONE can ERASE your personal information.

We can find out what information is floating around about you. We can let you know what will be coming down the pipeline into the public.

This has resulted in enormous social and economic fallout. You are talking about families, their children, their wives, their male partners. Imagine going home and people talking about this at the dinner table. There are hate crimes that are a result of this. This is not the fun and games that have been portrayed.

This hack is one of the largest data breaches in the world and is very unique on its own in that it exposed tens of millions of people’s personal information.

Police have set up a Twitter account, @AMCaseTPS, and hashtag, #AMCaseTPS, in a bid to gather information about the hack from members of the public.

Darknet Investigations

Eye Spy Investigations conducts dark net investigations. The Darknet – maybe you have heard about it lately. The DarkNet is a name given to the secret websites that are ENCRYPTED and hidden from the public!! You MUST know about this subject to protect you and your family, or to be able to make it useful to you, your business or to a client! So, let’s get an idea about what you can find on the DARKNET!!!

Stolen Credit Cards
Buy a New Identity
Buy anything
Buy Viruses
Buy RATs! (Remote Access Trojans…think super spyware)
When you see TV or movies showing some secret hacker place, well, the Darknet is where it really happens!
And MORE!!
So what can Eye Spy do for me for Dark Net investigations? Eye Spy Investigations, Inc. can help you identify certain aspects of the DarkNet that will allow you to see if you are being watched, spied on, defamed, threatened, etc. This includes:

Darknet Search engines
Darknet Index pages
Darknet Forum searches
Collecting information from these sites
Interacting on these sites
Creating a Darknet Search report
Contact Eye Spy Private Detective Agency today to discuss your computer darknet investigation needs.

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