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Do you need to find someone? Find a lost love? Find a friend? Find someone that owes you money? Find a Family Member? Find your Birthparent(s)?

Have you ever pined over a lost love? Trackdown someone out there that owes you money? Or maybe you just want to track down a long lost friend.

Guess Who’s Back? Old flames still smolder, especially when they’re early love affairs. 

Find your lost friend, lost love, former classmate, military buddy.

Fast and affordable people search. Find anyone today!

Our research team will FIND THEM FAST! Accurate, discreet, and proven results. You will be amazed!.

We can find anyone, anywhere in the USA.

Eye Spy Detective Agency makes it easy to find a lost love, friend or relative without much effort.

Just simply let us know whatever information you have about your victim/subject. It really could not be any simpler.

From time to time people come into your life and they make a deep impression on you. Call Eye Spy when suddenly that person you have fallen for is no where to be found.

Getting in touch with an old friend or lover after many years can be difficult. Most people don’t keep up with former loves. Also, the person may not be as eager as you to rehash old memories and build new ones. Private investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency know how to find a lost love. But, before you go on a search to find someone consider why you want to find them. In the case of bad or sudden breakups, one partner may be left wondering why.

Over the years those feelings can be buried, but often are left only slightly scarred. You may find your ex, but finding him or her won’t change what happened in the past. Do you simply want to lay old ghosts to rest? In that case, seeing that old flame and talking through what happened could help. Remember when you begin the search and finding the person won’t change the past, but it can affect the future.

Even with the best of intentions, our childhood and teenage friendships can fall by the wayside. At some point in your life you may want to reconnect with those old friends and first loves. If you are at that point, let us show you how.

To find a lost love you need to first know why you want to see them again. Do you want to relive those old memories? Need to assure yourself they are doing well? Did you keep a secret that you are now ready to share? All of these are valid reasons to look for a loved one. We can help. Simply give us a little information and our investigators can help find your friends. Remember, they may not have the same interest as you do about meeting up again. But at least you will have tried.

You can either call our office at 888-393-7799 or hire us on the website Simply click “Hire Us Today” and fill out the form with as much information as you have.

You can click Here to hire us right now.

After clicking “Submit”, a licensed Private Investigator will review your case and get started right away.

All cases are confidential!!


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