Hire a Investigator

Hire a Investigator


Hire the right investigator in Michigan today!

Do you suspect that your spouse is engaging in extracurricular activities? Perhaps a motorist is suing you for personal injuries and you want to make sure he’s not faking it. Or perhaps you need a partner to back you financially — you have a few prospects pegged out, but what do you really know about them? How can you be sure they won’t defraud you?

How to – Hire a Investigator

Can’t seem to hire the right investigator? Not getting the results you asked for? All your personal information getting out on the internet? Getting scammed or loosing money for no reason? These things happen all the time and we understand no one wants to loose money or have their personal information put out on the internet where people can read them and get everything from there, it’s always good to hire a private investigator to get all your personal information off the internet.

What can a PI do for you?

Before you set out on your quest, you must forget about Hollywood’s version of private detectives. Forget Tom Selleck’s Magnum, P.I. or Bruce Willis in Moonlighting . PIs don’t spend their days dangling from helicopters or having shootouts with criminals. Most of the time, they work out of an office, and a telephone is their weapon of choice.

However, here are some things they can help you with:
Locating people or objects
Want to find out what your old high school buddies are up to? Did a client who owes you money skip town? A good private investigator can find just about anyone, or even anything for that matter. If your valuable coin collection is stolen and the police aren’t doing much, a private eye might be able to help.

Setting up surveillance
If you’re certain your employees are stealing from you, a detective can set up a camera network to find out the truth, or even follow the subjects to their hideout. You might also need this type of service to verify the veracity of a person’s statement. What if the person who is suing you for personal injury isn’t injured at all? Setting up surveillance cameras in your house for security purposes is also right up their alley.Performing background checks

Whether you’re about to enter a business relationship with someone and you want to see if they have a checkered past, or you’re about to lease out your house and want to find out if the new tenant is trustworthy, PIs can get you the information you need.

How to hire an investigator in Michigan?

Simple. We have many ways you can hire us, here at Eye Spy Detective Agency. Our Private Investigators will get you the results you are looking for fast.

Hire us  online at www.eyespyinvestigations.com

Hire us over the phone by simply calling this number 586-285-5000 or toll free at 888-393-7799

Hire us in person.

-Stop by our office at the location given here 32059 Utica Rd., Fraser, MI, 48026.

Don’t let your personal information get out on the internet. Hire us today and ask about our affordable prices today!

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