Online Dating!

Online Dating!

Is your significant other on any of these online dating sites? (Twitter, Facebook, Eharmony, Christian Mingles, etc.)

Does it make your mind wonder who your significant other is really talking to?

You may not know what goes on in your significant others mind. Your significant other can get bored of you very quickly and move onto the next person and the next person after that. It could be a good relationship/engagement/marriage that may seem totally fine.  Your significant other can come home all lovey dovey, but really can be cheating behind your back without you even knowing it.

Bringing home souvenirs and stashing them under your bed you two share, under the guest bedroom bed, in the closet, in the vehicle trunk, or in the attic. These are all signs of cheating. Cheating is the most common thing a significant other can do to keep themselves happy and stay in a relationship/engagement/marriage for a really long time.

That’s not always the case though, sometimes it can lead into other things.  Your significant other can be replacing you for someone else. Sometimes it can lead up into that.  Sometimes it doesn’t have to lead up into that. It can be to keep your significant other happy.

Coming home late is another big thing cheaters like to do. They may come home late and get their work schedule. So you know what time they are coming home. If they don’t arrive home at that time, then you know they are up to something.

Hiding things on the website is another.  Like keeping the page private where no one can see, except the cheater and their lover. If the mystery person doesn’t know about you, don’t be surprised if they show up at your door step one day. They may even call your significant others phone.

They may not even know who you are when you answer the door or phone. Questions will start to pop up and they may even try to put you on the spot when you have done nothing wrong.

You need to hire a private detective right away.  Get as much as proof as you can before you take them to court. Then you can settle the rest there, and hopefully get more money from their wrong doings.

If you are ready for a P.I please come by and visit our office. We are located at 32059 Utica Road, Fraser, MI 48026 or call us today and find out office hours or ask any questions you may have over the phone, our number is (586)285-5000. Check out our Facebook page, Eye Spy Detective Agency-Private Investigators.

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