Signs of a Cheater

Signs of a Cheater

Cheating Spouse Private Investigator

Do you have a cheating Spouse?

No one likes to think so.

In fact, many Wives and Husbands wear blinders regarding their Spouses’ behavior to keep from facing the facts of spousal adultery.

But when a Spouse is cheating, there are things to look for that can clue you in.

No one is happy to find out a spouse is being unfaithful, but it’s better to know if you have a cheating husband/Wife sooner than later so you can take the right steps to address the situation.

How to recognize the signs of a cheater

Trust your instincts. If you think that he is cheating, do not convince yourself that you are being paranoid. Usually, males act guilty, lose interest in their sex life (because of their new partner), do not engage in conversation or make eye contact, say that they are working late or other excuses to ensure that they are not with you.

Signs of a Cheater

1) You find someone else’s hair in a place that it really doesn’t belong. For example, you’re vacuuming your carpet and find a long dark hair when you and your spouse are both blonde.

2) You find a receipt to a restaurant that you’ve never been to in their wallet.

3) He receives and makes anonymous telephone calls.

Before caller ID, “the other woman” would call her married lover at home and hang up if the wife answered.

Nowadays the third person can block her ID from being displayed on a phone.

A discerning wife who believes she has a cheating spouse will check her husband’s cell phone calls, both made and received, to see who he has been communicating with.

4) Beware if your spouse ever accuses you of being unfaithful. It’s a proven psychological fact that guilt and paranoia go hand in hand.

In other words, if your wife or husband asks you if you’re cheating, then chances are they’ve cheated on you. The more aggressive about it they are, the worst.

5) New Clothes

Suddenly has a desire to go out and buy a brand new wardrobe; a desire to improve one’s appearance is one of the biggest warning signs of an affair. Many cheating spouses like to look brand new for a new man or woman.

6) Suddenly the gym is a top priority. Be on the lookout for your wife/husband to have a new burning desire to lose weight or build muscle.

7) Mutual Friends

Another one of the best signs of a cheating spouse is the behavior of your mutual friends.

For example, if your husband’s buddies suddenly hesitate to look you in the eye, or you notice that conversation dims when you enter the room, then he may be committing infidelity.

8) Picking up a new trick in the bedroom

9) Scent Test

Many times you can pick up on signs with your nose…If you notice that your husband doesn’t smell at all like he just came from the gym, for instance, then where could he really have gone?

If your spouse ever smells like an unfamiliar scent, beware what they’re REALLY doing.


In all possibility, your poor husband could be working overtime just so that he can afford that necklace you wanted for your #birthday or maybe there are other reasons for him to stay out of the house. Has something been bothering him at home? Has your #relationship been very stressful of late? Have you spoken to him about it? Never assume that just because he’s staying late at work, he’s cheating. But if you have ruled out other options and can’t see any other reasons for why he’s unreachable at work, the unexplained meetings and sudden business trips, it’s #time to find out what’s happening. The simplest way to find out the truth? Check his salary stub. If he has indeed been working overtime, his salary stub will show it. So get a hold of it and you might just be able to catch him cheating on you.

How the Private Investigators at Eye Spy Can Help

Our Private detectives can handle any of your investigative needs, including surveillance, tracking, background investigation, identification, interrogation, and deep undercover major case preparation. They are considered the leading force in infidelity investigations, and are trained to quickly and covertly “catch the cheater” while maintaining a confidential, professional relationship with you, the client.

***Remember that cheating in a relationship can ALWAYS be discovered. Your spouse is messing up and leaving behind evidence, but you just don’t know where it is yet. There has never been a 100% perfectly secret affair.

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