Everyone wants to know if they’re with a cheater.

We use the best technology to find that out for you. We can GPS track their car to see where they’re going, forensically retrieve evidence from someones phone to see who they’re texting and calling, we even do surveillance on your spouse to get photo and video’s of them cheating if they are.

If your spouse claims to be working late at night and they aren’t coming home in time for dinner maybe you suspect something is going on at work, and its definitely not work related. Maybe there’s a change in the way they are acting around you or others. Are they defensive  over their phone? Do they get angry when you ask to see it? Do you catch them in a lot of lies?

Don’t be hesitant to come in. Our PI work is professional and all confidential.

You get a copy of any pictures or videos that we receive from the investigation. If we are GPS tracking you get a copy of every stop that they’ve made. If you bring in someones phone and you want stuff pulled off of it even if its deleted, you get a copy of that as well on a disk to document everything that was in the phone from when it was first activated to the very last time they used it.

We do NOT record conversations going on between two people. Do NOT try and do it yourself. It is illegal and you will be taken to court for it.

Hire us and be safe about catching your cheating spouse. Everyone is trained and has the skills for this work. No one likes a cheater. Don’t give them the chance to betray you and get away with it.

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